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Agree! The world is changing, reshaping, quarreling and reconciling! Only one thing is constant! The New Year has always been and remains the most beloved holiday on the planet! How much joy and happiness gives not only the evening itself, but also the weeks of preparation for it!

And how wonderful it is if these chores are shared with you by children! And the truth is, together you can think over decorations, dream up, play! How little enthusiastic eyes burn at the same time! How rapidly and unpredictably change and "shimmer" thoughts, images! Don't just stop at the Christmas tree and decorating rooms. It is recommended to start the festive mood with street decoration. Children will be very interested in creating beauty with you. Let's see how we can decorate the yard and the space around the house.

Stylized baskets filled with New Year's joy look beautiful. In addition, they immediately cheer up, implicitly reminding that gifts are waiting for every good child!

Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is garlands. Please note that street decorations are different from "home decorations". They should becarefully protected from moisture and temperature changes. Otherwise, all preparations will deteriorate under the influence of snow. But, just hanging garlands, it's almost boring. It is better to complement them with your own decorations. For example, cones. And beautiful and exciting.

Wreaths on the door look great and provide room for creativity, which appeared not so long ago with us. This is where everyone will find an opportunity to show their artistic abilities! Don't stop at one. They are hung not only on the front door. Can be hung around the entire perimeter of the house (or fence). It will be festive!

Another great motif is candles. For them, you can prepare the most beautiful candlesticks with a “border” (so that the wind does not blow out). Candles are not recommended for use at home for fire safety purposes. But in the yard, who will interfere? Just think of a place for them where nothing will catch fire. (For educational purposes, discuss this with the children.)

Give another idea to the offspring that you can create a New Year's composition. Why do we limit our winter imagination to the snowman? Indeed, to create such a masterpiece, you can use old sleds, branches, applications, and in general, whatever comes to mind.

Decorations made of Christmas tree decorations enclosed in a transparent "frame" also look wonderful. These can be found in stores. Fill such a “dome” with balls or Christmas tree branches, put it on the porch, and the festive mood is guaranteed! Most importantly, these "cases" will make your injury holiday safe! Made from thick glass, the domes are shatterproof and protect toys.

If you can't find special devices, then delve into the "legacy of the ancestors." Many have preserved antique lamps, jugs, and so on, which are suitable for making street Christmas decorations.

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