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New Year 2023 is ahead, which means it's time to choose original gifts for the guy with whom you plan to spend New Year's Eve, or who you just want to give a New Year's mood.

The problem of choice

What to give? Choosing an idea for a New Year's present to your loved one largely depends on what stage your relationship is at.

If a romantic relationship is in its infancy, opt for inexpensive gizmos or practical accessories. For those who have been together for quite a long time, we can recommend gifts from the “hobby” block (have you already learned well what the young man is fond of?). If the relationship has moved from meeting on "no man's land" to intimacy, you can please your loved one with something creative and original and "interesting" overtones.

The secret to choosing the perfect New Year's gift is simple - consider his lifestyle and hobbies, and we will show you in which direction to look for an original gift for a guy for the New Year 2023, offering a variety of ideas.

Universal Options

Among men's New Year's gifts there is a series of universal ones that can be presented not only to a guy, but also to a brother, dad and even grandfather. As a rule, such gizmos are of a practical nature or combined New Year'stheme.

Let's leave pens, notepads and diaries for less important dates. For the New Year 2023, a guy can put under the Christmas tree:

    • lighter;
    • key holder;
    • card holder;
    • purse;
    • belt with beautiful buckle;
    • purse;
    • a small purse;
    • backpack or messenger bag;
    • stylish scarf;
    • thermo mug;
    • original flash drive;
    • collectible car (yes, yes, at any age);
    • board game;
    • poker set.

    Gadget accessories

    It's no secret that today people can't imagine life without their favorite gadget. Giving a guy a smartphone or tablet for the New Year in 2023 is quite expensive, so we suggest choosing a present from a more affordable list of accessories:

    • mobile case;
    • wireless headphones;
    • earphone case;
    • wireless charging;
    • car holders for smartphone;
    • stylus;
    • case with keyboard;
    • power-bank;
    • gamepad;
    • virtual reality glasses;
    • monopod or tripod for video shooting;
    • portable speakers.

    For gamers

    The easiest way is to decide what to give a guy for the New Year 2023 if your chosen one loves computer games, because today there are an incredible amount of gaming presents in all online and offline stores. Of course, the price of the issue can vary from adequate to numbers.with a few zeros, because the real brands of the world of computer games are really expensive.

    So, we offer to please your favorite gamer with such gifts:

    • joystick (manipulator);
    • mouse and/or keyboard;
    • branded rug;
    • a wide variety of accessories and household items featuring favorite characters;
    • RGB-illuminated play area;
    • laptop cooling pad;
    • USB gadgets for heating or cooling, lighting, notifications, etc.


    Does your young man really love his car and spends a lot of time in it? Feel free to give a present from the list to the “motorist” and you can be sure that he will appreciate your attention.

    Useful and pleasant gifts for the driver will be:

    • creative nipple caps;
    • splitter in the cigarette lighter socket;
    • antiradar;
    • good car care kit;
    • flavour (just start from its flavors);
    • trunk organizer;
    • tool set;
    • anti-stress headrest;
    • car headset;
    • Alcotest;
    • stylish souvenir under the windshield.

    Tourist and fisherman

    If your boyfriend loves spending time in nature, hiking, or fishing, practical and useful things will be a great gift for the New Year 2023:

    • various lanterns;
    • multitool;
    • cozy buff;
    • stylish flask (for water or something stronger);
    • mosquito repellent gadget;
    • portable solar panel;
    • a certificate to his favorite travel or fishing shop.


    If a guy is passionate about some kind of sport and always tries to keep himself in good shape, we recommend that you consider the following options for New Year's gifts:

    • medal and award holder;
    • sports equipment for home;
    • fitness bracelet;
    • water bottle;
    • sports case for gadgets.

    Giving emotions

    No matter what stage your relationship is at, spending time together will be a pleasant and desirable gift for a guy. You can give your loved one "under the Christmas tree" movie tickets, a concert of your favorite artist, go-karting or an ice rink, a sports match or other event that is interesting for him.

    A lot of pleasant emotions will give a horseback ride, a tour of the snow-covered forest on ATVs, a visit to a ski hill or a water park.

    What not to give?

    We also want to warn all girls against bad gifts for the New Year 2023 for a guy. It is strongly not recommended to give "under the Christmas tree":

    • clothing (especially casual and even more so socks);
    • everything related to shaving and personal care (everyone has their own preferences);
    • useless trinkets with a romantic or New Year's design (as a rule, such gifts take their place in the owlfurthest drawer);
    • soft toys;
    • sweets;
    • pets.

    We hope that our material helped you solve the main issue of the upcoming New Year 2023, and you have decided what exactly you will give the guy under the Christmas tree.

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