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Winter holidays are rapidly approaching, which means it's time to think about what gifts you can give mom for the New Year 2023. We will tell you what to give a young and active mother, as well as give ideas for good presents for mothers, taking into account a wide variety of women's hobbies.


If you do not understand the intricacies of women's hobbies, we suggest considering as an option universal gifts that can be presented for the New Year 2023 not only to mom, but also to any young active woman.

Important! When choosing a present from this list, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the goods and the brand of the manufacturer.

So, our selection of universal gifts for mom in anticipation of 2023 includes:

    • purse;
    • umbrella;
    • cozy slippers;
    • plaid;
    • flower in original pot;
    • souvenir (bunny or rabbit, because 2023 is their year);
    • photo frame (including digital);
    • set of collage frames;
    • a book by your favorite author;
    • author's Christmas toy;
    • decoration (jewellery or expensive jewelry);
    • jewelry box.

    Perhaps today one of the most versatile gifts for any holidayhave become gift cards to stores. If it’s very difficult for you to pick up a treasured present, put such a certificate “under the Christmas tree” for your mother in your favorite cosmetics store or boutique. Just keep in mind that the amount that will be indicated in it should be sufficient to purchase a product that your mother may be interested in.

    Young and active

    For working mothers who want to stay young and lead an active lifestyle, you can safely choose presents among the numerous "youth" gifts.

    We propose to consider the following products as a New Year's gift for the New Year 2023 for an active young mother:

    • manicure set;
    • UV lamp;
    • hair dryer, flat iron or multifunction styler;
    • laser comb;
    • scratch card (travels, original dishes, highlights in life);
    • fitness tracker;
    • smartphone or accessories;
    • ebook or tablet reader;
    • camera for professional shots;
    • coffee machine (or coffee maker);
    • everything for organizing picnics and outdoor recreation.

    For lovers of culinary experiments

    If your mom loves to please everyone at home with original goodies, we recommend replenishing her arsenal of useful and practical kitchen tools in 2023 with modern quality products that will make the cooking process even easier, more convenient and fun:

    • multi-baker;
    • slow cooker;
    • sets of containers for spices;
    • vegetable cutter;
    • pan or baking dish;
    • recipe book;
    • a cook's diary to record your recipes;
    • carving tool kit;
    • pen for drawings on coffee and cakes;
    • stylish or cool apron;
    • kitchen textile set;
    • fondue pot;
    • chocolate fountain;
    • deep fryer;
    • juicer;
    • dryer for harvesting fruits and vegetables;
    • beautiful dishes.

    For connoisseurs of oriental culture

    For mothers who are passionate about oriental culture, we offer to give something related to the traditions of the countries of this amazing region for the New Year 2023:

    • tea ceremony set;
    • Chinese-style tableware;
    • sushi set;
    • table garden;
    • table bonsai;
    • aroma lamp;
    • incense sticks and wooden base;
    • Oriental style figurines;
    • singing bowl;
    • rosary made of natural stone (according to the sign of the zodiac);
    • traditional paintings;
    • kimono;
    • fan for decor.

    Creative natures

    Knowing what your mom is interested in, you can pick up a Christmas tree gift for 2023, taking into account her hobby. The most popular gifts for creative women today are:

    • cross stitch kits;
    • paintings by numbers;
    • diamond mosaic;
    • beading kits;
    • threads forknitting;
    • sets for making decor items or DIY jewelry;
    • sand painting table;
    • soap making kits.

    Also, as a gift, you can order the design of your mother's finished work in a stylish frame or a certificate for the services of a good framing workshop.

    gifts for comfort

    Most women are very happy with the gifts that create a special atmosphere of family warmth and comfort in the house.

    • plaid;
    • floor lamp;
    • wall clock;
    • orthopedic pillow;
    • ottoman in the hallway;
    • creative housekeeper in the hallway;
    • refrigerator magnetic board;
    • breakfast table in bed;
    • laptop table;
    • soft bedside rug;
    • textiles in the bedroom;
    • humidifier;
    • beautiful pillow;
    • bean bag;
    • soft bathrobe;
    • cozy pajamas;
    • robot vacuum cleaner;
    • smart TV box;
    • massager.

    Emotions as a gift

    Over the years, most people face difficulties in choosing gifts, because more and more useful and necessary things accumulate in the house, and with age, many women do not like experimenting with cosmetics, preferring time-tested brands. If your mom is hard to please with a present, put her under the Christmas tree a bright emotion that is sure to be remembered as the most amazing gift of 2023.

    As an emotional gift, we attach to consideroptions such as:

    • photo shoot;
    • exciting excursion;
    • horse ride;
    • movie or theater tickets;
    • massage course or spa membership;
    • master class in needlework, cooking, sewing, painting, visage or any other direction of interest to mom;
    • Short weekend tour.

    For many parents, the greatest gift from children is attention. The most valuable thing will be your desire to share the gift of emotion with your mother. If, for some reason, you cannot keep her company on an exciting journey or going to the theater, be sure to provide an opportunity for mom to take someone with her (dad, girlfriend, granddaughter …)

    We have offered you a lot of different ideas, but what exactly to give mom for the New Year 2023, you still have to choose on your own, because all people are different and only you know what your beloved mother loves and is fond of.

    Finally, we want to warn against some gifts that should not be given to women at any age without prior approval. Typically, these include: pets, medical supplies, anti-aging cosmetics, long-term memberships to the gym or beauty salon.

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