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Cheerful thematic coloring is a favorite entertainment for children and adults, and we suggest you pick up original stories for coloring for the New Year 2023, as well as contour pictures for creating author's postcards.

Important! Each coloring page presented in the article can be downloaded for free and used by you for the New Year of the Rabbit 2023 for personal purposes. Commercial use of materials is possible only by agreement with the administration and subject to an active link to the site

Christmas stories

Beautiful Christmas coloring pages for children with their favorite characters - a universal option that both boys and girls will be happy to paint.

Such pictures can also be used to create postcards. To do this, in any word processor, place the image you like on 1/2 sheet, add a beautiful inscription and print it. Just a couple of minutes and the usual coloring will turn into an original author's postcard for the New Year 2023.

Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

On the eve of the New Year holidays, all children are waiting for their favorite heroes - Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. Invite the kids to “revive” beautiful coloring pageswith their image and get a lot of positive emotions in anticipation of the holiday and gifts.

Christmas tree

How to create a New Year's mood in the house? Of course, decorate the Christmas tree. But what to do if it is “not yet time” to dress up the forest beauty, and the child is looking forward to this moment? Invite him to practice coloring and figure out exactly how he will decorate his real Christmas tree for the New Year 2023.

Christmas toys

Creating bright and colorful Christmas balls and intricate Christmas decorations is fun and exciting. It's even more fun to do this with friends, and then compare who got which balloons.

And also, you can cut out the toys you like, stick them on cardboard and hang them on the Christmas tree.

Cozy fireplace

Pictures depicting a fireplace are a traditional attribute of Catholic Christmas, which is celebrated all over the world on December 25th. Whether or not you keep up the tradition, coloring Christmas and New Year coloring pages with a cozy fireplace and Santa's boots is incredibly fun and enjoyable!

Bunnies and rabbits

The upcoming year 2023 according to the eastern calendar will be held under the sign of the Water Rabbit, so on New Year's coloring pages and postcards you can find many images of this cute fluffy animal.

We bring to your attention original coloring pages depicting a realistic or cartoon Rabbit that can be used to create author's pictures for the New Year 2023.

Christmas motifs

After the meeting of the New Year 2023, Christmas will come to us. The Orthodox will celebrate the holiday on January 7.

We offer to take the baby on Christmas Eve with beautiful Christmas coloring books, which reflect the classic stories of the main Christian holiday, as well as the traditions of our people.

Anti-stress coloring pages

Not only children, but also adults are happy to "revive" New Year's drawings. If you also like to spend time coloring intricate coloring pages from the "anti-stress" series, we suggest adding new works to your collection by 2023.

Pictures come to life

With the help of the Quiver application, which can be installed in two clicks on smartphones and tablets running Android operating systems, as well as the IPhone IPad, you can give your child even more emotions by really reviving the pictures he has painted. It's an augmented reality app that turns a flat drawing into a crisp 3D object that you can interact with or even take a selfie with.

Pay attention! The application has both free and paid sets of cards, but their cost is quite affordable, and you can print and color such pictures as many times as you like, delighting your baby or his guests not only on New Year 2023, but also on other children's holidays.

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