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Jokes - a genre that has been appreciated and loved for many generations in a row. They are able to brighten any feast, cheer up every company. Often jokes about the New Year are included in the scenario of a holiday or corporate party, and during the preparation for the meeting in 2023, they will be very useful.

About Santa Claus

The main character of the New Year 2023 is Santa Claus, there are many jokes about him. Some of them can be told in any company, while others are suitable only for adults.

In early January, two girls are talking in the younger group of the kindergarten:
- Santa Claus is a miser and a deceiver!
- Why is that?- I believed in him , wrote him a letter, where she asked him to give me a small dog. Instead, he gave me a little baby, which my parents bought me two months ago for the New Year, and put it under the tree at night, greedy!

- My God, son! Who taught you such bad words???

- And this is Santa Claus.

- ???

- These are the words he said when he stumbled on the pedals of a bicycle in the hallway.

Grandfather Frost was explaining for an hour on December 31 to fifth-grader Petya that even though he was an obedient boy all year, butmake math die, he can't…

I want to work according to a schedule like Santa Claus: a day through 364.

It's New Year's Eve. The man, with eyes full of despair, examines the empty room, puts a stool under the chandelier, throws a rope on the chandelier, and … Suddenly, a fairly drunk Grandfather Frost bursts in the door. Leans against the wall, looks at the man and asks:

- What are you doing there?

- I can't take it anymore: my wife quit, I was kicked out of work, I'm in debt…

- Well, if you have already stood on a stool, a rhyme or something, tell me …

About the Snow Maiden

Snow Maiden is no less favorite character, and there are even more spicy jokes about her. New Year's jokes 2023 will not do without mentioning her.

- How I wish my mother-in-law would turn into a Snow Maiden!!!

- God, what a romantic you are.

- No, just like that, we will only see her once a year.

Correspondence of two friends in Viber:

- We were asked to make a Snow Maiden on a sheet of paper for our daughter in the kindergarten.

- Oh, easy! We did this last year in three minutes. They also praised us, they said: “No family has ever brought such a believable mummy…”

- Good afternoon! This is an event management agency. Did you order the Snow Maiden from us?

- Yes.

- How are you?

- Nothing but too cold in bed.

January 1st. A drunk passenger in a trolleybus, around him there is a puddle with something yellow. Suitable jig:

- Man, shame on you!

- Don't shout, Snow Maiden, I'm just melting.

The last days of December. A leaflet with an announcement hangs on a pole: "You can order a Snow Maiden by such and such a phone number." A drunk is standing nearby and crying:

- What times! What fiends!!! Snegurka - and that killer is ordered!

Newspaper ad:

"The Snow Maiden, who got lost in the forest, is considered the new Little Red Riding Hood."

About gifts and wishes

Congratulations, gifts, toasts - a whole layer of festive culture. It is not surprising that many jokes can be found on this topic for the New Year 2023. After all, everyone is looking forward to the treasured hour when they receive gifts, especially children. But jokes, as a rule, on this topic are not childish.

Already a couple of weeks after the New Year's holiday, Seryoga began to suspect that the guests did not want money for him on New Year's Eve from a pure heart …

A man made a wish under the chimes: let his wife become very economical, and mother-in-law stop being so stupid. As soon as the last sound of the chimes died down, the wife corked the bottle, hid all the dishes from the table in the refrigerator, turned off the light, and the mother-in-law began to tell the reasons for the war of 1877.

According to statistics provided by mobile operators, among all SMS on January 1, more oftenmost people send a message like this: “Thanks, and who is this?”

About January 1st

They joke that January 1st is the shortest day: I woke up, ate, and it was already dark again. The time after the holidays is shrouded in a special atmosphere, and many jokes have been invented about this.

Immediately after the holiday, the man went to a new job. A new colleague brings him up to date, takes him around the building, shows where the toilet is, where the dining room is. At the end, the beginner asks a question:

- Where is the smoking room located?

- Since January 1, no one smokes here.

- Why? Are you fined?

- No, we're just afraid our fumes will explode.


Throughout December, and sometimes November, the theme of the upcoming holidays is in the air. Anecdotes will help you get in the right mood and meet the New Year 2023 properly.

Regular kindergarten. Educators are preparing a New Year's party, discarding all the usual scenarios, because it's boring, everything has already happened.

- It is necessary to cheer up children and parents somehow. And let the Snow Maiden splash from the gas cylinder into the front rows!

- Then it’s better to immediately invite the riot police, let them beat everyone with batons, it’s not boring!

- Walk so walk! Then it's better than terrorists. Let them bring 300 g of TNT with them, blow up the assembly hall. Who will survive will smile!

- And I so dream of meeting this holiday somewhere in Spain, running in a bullfight from bulls…

- So you meet him in Kryzhopol at the disco, push some-then the bull and run fast!

Pro Rabbit

2023 will be the year of the Rabbit according to the eastern calendar, so jokes about this character can come in handy when preparing a script or just for company entertainment.

Rabbit slowly walks through the forest, does not touch anyone. Suddenly, Winnie the Pooh rushes past, Piglet next to him, and Eeyore rushes behind them and shouts:

- Scum! I'll show you "in and out!!!"

The woman called a taxi. The taxi driver drove her to her destination, and she had nothing to pay. The man took her to the forest, spread the sheet on the grass. Her:

- How dare you! I have two children!

- And I have thirty rabbits. Tear the young grass and put it here.

Rabbit with indignation:

- Winnie the Pooh, who ate all the honey?

- I didn't see it!

- And you want more!

- Yes!

Jokes can fill a long pause during the New Year, make everyone laugh and smile, defuse the situation if it starts to heat up. Therefore, such a tool as a joke can be considered a must for any holiday.

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