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The news from Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone about the production of the sequel "Destroyer 2" excited fans. Nobody expected the movie to continue. If the film comes out in 2023, thirty years after the release of the first part, it will be a real sensation in the cinematic world.

Premiere: 2023 (World)

Original title: Demolition Man 2

Production country: United States of America

Genre: action, fantasy, adventure, utopia

Director: unknown

Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock and others

Expectation rating:MovieSearch - no data

On Instagram, the legendary actor Sylvester Stallone answered questions from fans, casually touched on the topic of the continuation of the enchanting film by Marco Brambilla. It was not just intentions to make a sequel that were voiced, but the fact that the actor was working personally and the Warner Brothers film company. The announcement of the production as a stunning project in the world of sci-fi was an intriguing development for fans of the genre. Thus, the expectation of "Destroyer 2" in the near future at the suggestion of the actor has already been launched.


The cult thriller "Destroyer" first appeared in 1993. Successfulthe film's worldwide release was three times the film's budget, though the film company noted that it barely broke even at home.

Producer Peter Lenkov already had the idea of filming a continuation of the fantastic action movie. In the producer's mind, Destroyer 2 should be a television series that fits the format of two partners solving crimes every week. An obstacle to starting work was Lenkov's contract with CBS. The rights to The Destroyer are owned by Warner Brothers. But in the future, at the end of the contract, the producer did not rule out the possibility of developing a sequel.

After Stallone's statement about the start of work, it is still unknown who is filming the action movie, when to expect the premiere, which of the characters is saved in the film. The anticipation of the continuation makes you remember what pleased the viewer with the first film.


The action movie begins in 1996 in Los Angeles, where the crime boss Simon Phoenix claimed the city blocks as his property. The gangs of the terrorist are opposed by police special forces. Not everyone realizes the seriousness of the situation, as a result of which a city bus with hostages gets to the criminal.

The best police officer who had previously de alt with the terrorist arrives to negotiate with the psychopath Phoenix. John Spartan, nicknamed the Destroyer, manages to arrest the bandit, but thirty of the hostages die, although the sergeant, in preparation for the attack, scanned the building for people.

Spartan, accused of killing people, gets along withPhoenix to a California cryo-prison set up by tycoon Raymond Cocteau. 70-year freeze sentence carried out.

The second part of the storyline plunges into the events thirty-six years later, in 2032. Phoenix is thawed for another hearing, the criminal manages to escape. To Officer Lenina Huxley, a police veteran tells the story of Spartan, who was able to resist the terrorist. John is being defrosted.

On a new round of history, everything is more complicated. The prisoners, during their stay in the cryogen, were programmed. New abilities are unlocked by Phoenix and Spartan. The criminal now owns all kinds of weapons, and John, to his own surprise, learned to knit, gained new opportunities for intimacy.

The pursuit of the bandit becomes more difficult, but Spartan still kills the terrorist in the finale. John and Huxley's bonding line is romantic, though not complete.

The plot of "Destroyer 2" remains a secret. Only one thing is certain - John Spartan will remain the main character.

Interesting facts

The lack of detailed information about the production of a new picture only fuels interest in the future film. Fans of the first part of "The Destroyer" are already trying to figure it out:

    • film episode in the toilet of the future, in which three metal shells are installed (the parents are waiting for an answer in the next part of the picture);
    • a way to return the villain Phoenix, the main antagonist of John Spartan;
    • in what decade will the police sergeant be, who was already oppressed by the prohibition of swearing, alcohol, strict behavior controlhuman;
    • will Sylvester Stallone play in the film. Despite the personal announcement of the continuation, it is not a fact that the viewer will see the main role in his performance. The famous actor is already in his seventies, he may well be the mentor of the new Destroyer.

    In the first film, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who later became governor of California, played the role of the president. Fans of the science fiction film suggest that the mystical side will continue in the second part. It remains to wait for the picture "Destroyer 2".

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