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In anticipation of the New Year and Christmas holidays, we bring to your attention some original ideas on how to decorate a live or artificial Christmas tree for the New Year of the Rabbit 2023.

Twinkling Stars

You can’t decide how to decorate the Christmas tree in the coming 2023, and the photos of bright multi-color decors presented on the network are already tired - then we suggest returning to laconic minimalism and decorating the Christmas tree only with garlands. Trees with flickering lights of the same color look very original, but if possible, you should purchase a tape with various lighting modes.

White tree

In 2023, artificial white spruces will be popular, which look the most advantageous with toys of almost any shade. The only nuance that is worth considering is that it is important not to overdo it with color filling. Too many bright and different-shaped toys will draw attention to themselves and the “wow” effect from an unusual beauty can be lost.

See how delicately and elegantly you can decorate a white Christmas tree in the coming year 2023.

Monochrome design

The coming year 2023 will be held under the auspices of the Black Water Rabbit, so the black color in the decoronly welcome. We have selected for you the most original designs in monochrome black and white, which are definitely worthy of attention this year.

Naturally, such a design will be as effective as possible with a white base, although a variant with classic divided needles is also possible.

Luxury gold

Full golden spruce will look very impressive and rich in expensive interiors. Such a tree does not need additional decor at all, although some white toys are also quite acceptable.

3D bows

We need non-standard bold ideas on how to decorate the New Year tree in 2023 as effectively and pretentiously as possible - we suggest adding charm to the decor along with voluminous bows, as in the photo. Please note that this interesting decor element, which is quite easy to do with your own hands, can become a color accent for your Christmas tree.

Exotic Flowers

Perhaps someone will say that flowers in the New Year's decor are not very appropriate, but the exotic Christmas tree has been confidently in trends for more than one season. How exactly to decorate a Christmas tree in this unusual style and what elements will be relevant in 2023 will tell the photo.

Spiral decor

Almost any of the trendy Christmas tree decor options can be made in a spiral style by placing accent decorations in the appropriateway from the crown to the lower branches.


In recent years, eco-themes have been very popular. Naturally, this global trend has not bypassed the New Year - in 2023, an unusual Christmas tree with eco-friendly natural decorations can decorate the holiday:

    • dried circles of orange or lemon;
    • cinnamon sticks;
    • cones and nuts;
    • toys made from natural wood or straw.

    Due to the high cost of such decorative elements, eco-style can most often be found in compact Christmas trees and New Year's topiaries.

    Nevertheless, no one forbids implementing this style on a large scale by adding some voluminous elements: natural burlap, twine crafts, whole oranges.

    Traditional style

    Of course, the traditional version of jewelry in bright red and gold colors will not lose its relevance in 2023. These colors look most advantageous on the green branches of both natural and artificial spruce.

    Decorator Tips

    If you have already found a suitable design option and decided how you want to decorate the Christmas tree for the year of the Rabbit in 2023, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules for placing the main symbol of the winter holidays in the house and the secrets of placing Christmas tree decorations.

    1. In small rooms, spruce should be placed against the wall, and in spacious rooms - with the ability to walk around the tree.
    2. Choose a place near which there isstationary power supply (carrying near a spruce is a bad idea).
    3. A living tree should be provided with a source of moisture, so the spruce will retain its freshness, green color and aroma throughout the holidays.
    4. You need to dress up the forest beauty, starting with garlands. As long as there are no fragile toys on the branches, you can position the LED strips as easily and safely as possible.
    5. Important! To decorate the Christmas tree, choose only high-quality "cold" garland options that guarantee maximum safety.
    6. Next comes the turn of large solid balls, which should be placed closer to the center, which will give the composition more volume.
    7. To maintain balance, designers recommend using at least 3 identical toys on different sides of the tree.
    8. The most expensive and fragile jewelry should be placed on the top tier, which will reduce the chance of accidentally touching them in the midst of fun.
    9. Tip from childhood - add surprise sweets between the toys, which will be very nice to find for both children and adults when the time comes to take apart the Christmas tree.
    10. The crown of the head (a star, an angel or just an original decoration) is traditionally the finishing touch to the decoration of the Christmas tree.

    And how do you plan to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year 2023 (colors, style, theme, creative)? We invite you to share fresh original ideas for New Year's design in the comments to this article.

    Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!

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