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The adaptation of the series of novels by Frank Herbert received high marks from critics and viewers, and the box office several times exceeded the filming budget. The film "Dune 2" will please fans only in 2023, but already now the expectation rating is 99%. The finale of the first part turned out to be a fascinating intrigue, and the Warner Bros. Entertainment" to the delight of the fans gave the go-ahead to create a sequel.

Basic information

Original title: Dune: Part Two;

Production country: USA;

Director: Denis Villeneuve;

Actors: Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Stellan Skarsgård, Javier Bardem;

Premier: October 18, 2023


The action of the first part of the science fiction film "Dune" takes place in the distant future, where humanity has discovered a magical "spice" on the desert planet Arrakis that prolongs life. Paul Atreides is a descendant of the Grand Duke Leto I, who died at the hands of traitors. The guy, along with his mother, is forced to hide from enemies in difficult conditions. The unexpectedly revealed power of Paul allows the young man to lead the local Fremen tribe.

In "Dune" in 2023, the events of the second part of the novel of the same name will be presented, and the key character of the filmthe writers are planning to make Chani. The heroes will have to fight for truth and freedom, because power remains a tasty morsel at all times. Even with an honest and wise ruler, there will always be those who want to take his place.

First film introduced viewers to the violent members of House Harkonnen:

    • cunning Baron Vladimir;
    • his nephew Rabban, nicknamed the Beast.

    There is another nephew, Fade-Rautha, who appears in the opening chapters of the original Dune novel. Villeneuve deliberately delayed the character's debut in order to impress viewers. Compared to Rabban, the younger brother may seem like a real hero, but the main intrigue lies in the deceit of the Harkonnens.


    Dune 2 will begin filming in summer 2023, and the studio has announced the main cast of the star team:

    1. Timothée Chalamet will remain in the lead role of the heir to the House of Atreides and show his leadership qualities. Thanks to training from the best mentors, Paul will be able to gather and lead an army for the final victory over the enemy.
    2. Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard will again appear before the audience in the form of the evil Baron Vladimir. The character must be fat, so the celebrity had to make up for at least 7 hours, but Villeneuve did not consider another candidate for the role. Stellan is a professional and talented actor who is able to convey the character of the character with one glance.
    3. Charming Rebecca Ferguson is still playing the role of Paul's mother, but will move onsecond plan, losing the solo part to Timothy.
    4. The 2023 Dune 2 cast list would be incomplete without the beautiful Zendaya. The model will have to work hard on the set, because her character Chani will move from Paul's fantasies to reality. The beloved heir has a special place in the on-screen narrative, so the participation of the American star is officially confirmed.
    5. Finishing the list of famous guest actors is the charismatic Javier Bardem, who portrayed the Fremen leader Stilgar on screen.

    Denis Villeneuve keeps most of the information a secret so that fans of the novel would be interested in watching the adventures of the characters. The main cast should remain unchanged, but the director does not rule out force majeure due to the celebrity's busy schedule. So far, none of the stars have refused to participate in the sequel, and the scriptwriters promise the appearance of new characters.

    Curious facts

    The long-awaited adaptation of Frank Herbert's bestselling Dune has hit rock bottom:

    1. The fantasy novel came out back in 1965 - and already at that time there were people who wanted to release a film adaptation. However, the complexity of the story arcs and the scope of the narrative made the filmmakers' job impossible. Critics initially doomed the film to failure, but in 1984 there was a bold director willing to take the risk. Villeneuve watched Lynch's work and promised fans of the book that he would make his product unique.
    2. Dune 2 release date set for October 18, 2023years, although the sequel was not a surprise or a mystery. In preparation for filming, Denis Villeneuve specified two parts of the franchise in the contract. The director clarified that in one full-length picture it is impossible to convey important details that affect the course of the story. Denis was determined to shoot a sequel even if the first part failed at the box office.
    3. For the first time, Villeneuve read Herbert's novel at the age of 12 - and the bestseller made an indelible impression on the boy. While working on the film, the director was worried because he “touched the literary shrine.”
    4. The composition of the filmmakers involved in the filming process has changed several times. The linguist David Peterson, who had previously worked with the creators of the Game of Thrones series, became a permanent consultant. The specialist developed the languages for "Dune", which gave the picture a special atmosphere.

    The first part received a lot of film awards, and Villeneuve hopes that the sequel will also be met with audiences and critics with enthusiasm.

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