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You want to know everything about your loved one. This is all the more useful when misunderstandings or quarrels arise at every step. How to be here? Who is guilty? Maybe you shouldn’t look for the “extreme”, but it’s better to deal with the character traits given to him by the year of birth and adjust your behavior accordingly?

  • Temperament of the male Goat
  • Character and basic qualities
  • How does he court women?
  • Attitude towards cheating
  • How to seduce a Goat man?


He attracted you with his wit, unusually attractive aura. It seemed to you that it was with this person that you would never be bored, the world would shine! So, you are not the only one who fell for this bait. Such is this man-Goat. He is loved for sincerity, ease of communication, changeability. He knows how to captivate, charm. It is extremely important for him to shine, to be the center of attention. So why be jealous? This is as pointless as it is fair.

Unfortunately, addicted natures are subject to frequent changes of sympathy. You just don't have to let it happen. And it's very easy to do it. No matter how the playful eyes of the Male Goat shoot to the side, if a hearty dinner and a cozy atmosphere await him at home, then all betrayals will remain indreams. The goat never leaves the abundant and warm meadow.

It happens that such men succumb to their flightiness. This is not a characteristic symptom, rather a pathology. You shouldn't be sorry. If he ran away from you, then he will not linger in another meadow. This does not come from a lack of love. Believe me, while he was with you - you were the most adored woman in the world. Inconstancy is a sign of his self-doubt. And it is very difficult to live with such a man. Up to gray hair you will be like on a barrel of gunpowder - it can explode every second!

Character and basic qualities

He is a very open person. He will not hold in himself neither emotions nor thoughts. If he is well, he is able to make the whole world happy, if it is bad, then at least die, but weep with him. And don't you dare resist! He knows how to stand his ground.

The Goat Man's methods are like "not quite masculine". Offended or upset, he falls into a rage, trying to make a scandal. Change is happening at lightning speed. As soon as the sun of his smile was shining, clouds were already clouding his forehead, and his eyes were shooting with anger. Luckily, it doesn't last long either. As it rages, so it will calm down. It is recommended not to argue with him, but to wait quietly.

If you get into a conflict, you will hear a lot of offensive words and harshness, which he will immediately forget about. And you will worry and suffer in vain. It's not worth it. In fact, a man born in the year of the Goat is kind and not angry, only slightly capricious. This trait fades with age. If you give him free rein, then the storms become less and less frequent, and even those that happen to him turn intoas a joke.

How does a Goat man care?

Shyness makes the Goat in love timid and shy. He will captivate the object of his passion from afar. She will try to shine in her company, charm, fascinate. But it won't be long before the decisive step is taken. Most often, a partner who is fed up with omissions takes matters into her own hands. This is exactly what he is striving for. Let her decide for him.

If you dig deeper, it turns out that he is a weak man, almost weak-willed, he needs to be led. Such a man, most often, needs a woman nearby - a dictator endowed with wisdom and tact. Then both will be sincerely happy and will live for many years in love and harmony.

Attitude towards cheating

Despite the horned symbol, a man will not tolerate infidelity (partners, of course). No, he doesn't want to leave either. It will just put her in her place from time to time, arranging "evenings of memory" at the most unexpected moments.

The partner, having decided on treason, must bring the matter to the end herself. Wants to part, so you have to leave yourself. Often Goat men choose women who do not leave them, as they are afraid to leave these dependent "henpecked" alone with problems.

But spouses will have to endure fornication on a regular basis. This does not mean that he fell out of love. It's just the main way of his self-affirmation. This will pass after forty, when he changes a little, becomes more self-confident, calm, even imposing.

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    He appreciates elegance and originality in a woman. It is not difficult to attract a young man born in the year of the Goat. He rushes at everything bright, extravagant. Just doesn't like vulgarity. If you get his attention, he turns into a lamb that is easy to lead. Just do not forget that powerful hooves have not gone away. Slightly not according to him, he can start kicking and defending his independence. He himself has the right to harsh statements, while the partner should be a model of tenderness and humility.

    But it's not all bad. The husband from the male Goat turns out to be excellent. He will take care of the family, even when the first romance is far behind. Children will love him very much. With them, he builds partnerships, making sure that they get settled in life. Do you want to know what awaits you with such a man? Guess the relationship! After all, the New Year is the best time for fortune-telling and for wishes to come true!

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