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If you plan to visit the capital during the winter holidays - then find out when Moscow will be decorated for the New Year 2023, what determines the date of decorating the main Christmas tree of the country and where exactly you can feel the atmosphere of the holiday.

When Moscow is changing

Traditionally, the New Year's atmosphere on the streets of the capital is fully felt already in early December. Work on creating a winter fairy tale in parks and tourist corners of the city begins in October, but the grand opening of New Year's locations will take place 2-3 weeks before the New Year 2023.

Interesting fact! Every year, decorators create a new unique project, so no one can say in advance how Moscow will be decorated by the new year 2023 - this is a big surprise for both residents and guests of the capital.

To transform the streets, squares and parks, not only domestic, but also foreign experts are involved, and when creating compositions, not only the trends of the current period, but also the traditions of our country, the motives inherent in our culture are taken into account.

In 2023 Moscow will create the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale:

    • billions of twinkling garland lights that will cover trees and architectural elements inparks and squares of the city;
    • holiday illumination of buildings;
    • 3D light installations;
    • ice pieces.

    It will be possible to spend time in New Year's Eve Moscow on open ice rinks, in cozy cafes or shopping and entertainment centers. Also, guests and residents of the capital are waiting for incredible laser shows, and on New Year's Eve - enchanting fireworks, which can be seen in several districts of the metropolis at once.

    Main Holiday Locations

    Depending on whether you want to plunge into the noisy atmosphere of tourist Moscow, or prefer the peace and quiet of small cozy parks, in 2023 in the capital it will be possible to choose one or another New Year's location for recreation.

    Red Square

    The center of all New Year's events, which Muscovites themselves and guests of the city strive to visit at least once, because it is on Red Square that the main Christmas tree will be installed.

    Important! The grand opening will take place between December 20-25. The exact date will be known closer to the event. It depends on the readiness of other locations, since the opening of the main Christmas tree is the final point in Moscow's preparations for the New Year 2023.

    Also on Red Square in 2023 will work:

    • fair with a wide range of New Year's goods and souvenirs;
    • outdoor ice rink;
    • stage for performances by folk art groups and pop stars.


    During the New Year holidays, VDNKh turns into a magical world. The park is especially beautifulthe dark time of the day, when all the trees flicker with millions of tiny lights, and all architectural forms take on completely new outlines.

    At VDNH in 2023, you can also go ice skating, drink a cup of fragrant mulled wine, enjoy traditional Christmas treats and buy a bright souvenir to remember the New Year's adventure.


    The main department store itself and the streets located near it in 2023 will traditionally welcome guests with an incredible design.

    A Christmas tree will be installed in the center of the store, and a New Year's market will also work.

    Interesting fact! Every year, the GUM management chooses a certain theme to decorate the store. What it will be like in 2023 is still a secret, but the design implementation of the author's idea is definitely worth seeing!

    Poklonnaya Gora

    One of the most interesting corners of the capital in 2023 will be Poklonnaya Gora, where an incredible ice palace will traditionally be built.

    Here you can:

    • enjoy the beauty of incredible ice sculptures;
    • ride the ice slide;
    • walk through the festively decorated Victory Park;
    • see performances of musical groups and theatrical performances;
    • take part in exciting programs for children and adults;
    • to see New Year's fireworks.

    Gorky Park

    It will also be possible to plunge into the New Year's fairy tale in 2023 by visiting the ParkGorky, who will also be beautifully decorated for the New Year.

    Here you will find:

    • incredible Christmas atmosphere;
    • many great photo zones for holiday shots;
    • original light installations;
    • great outdoor ice rink for kids and adults;
    • cozy food courts.

    A fairy tale on the squares and streets of the capital

    If you plan to arrange a promenade around the city, be sure to check out Manezhnaya Square. Indeed, on the eve of the New Year 2023, it will shine with the lights of multi-colored garlands, transferring guests to a winter fairy tale.

    Every year they arrange here:

    • artist performances;
    • master classes;
    • holiday fairs;
    • entertainment for children and adults.

    And of course, in 2023, one of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the city will meet you at Manezhnaya Street.

    Also, other Moscow squares will attract guests with enchanting New Year designs: Lubyanskaya, Teatralnaya, Pushkinskaya, Novaya…

    The decoration of streets and lanes will also be no less luxurious. We strongly recommend to see how they decorate for the New Year 2023:

    • Tretyakovskiy passage;
    • Nikolskaya street;
    • Tverskaya Street;
    • Big Moskvoretsky Bridge;
    • Kamergersky Lane;
    • Stoleshnikov Lane;
    • Tverskoy Boulevard;
    • Kutuzovsky prospect.

    When to visit Moscow

    Definitely the most memorable and enchanting will be the meeting of the New Year 2023 inMoscow. But if you do not like huge crowds of tourists and are not ready to overpay for rent, then you can enjoy the New Year extravaganza of the capital in December or January. It is optimal to plan a trip from 12/15/22 to 01/15/23, because these days you can plunge into the atmosphere of a real holiday, visit fairs, take part in folk festivals, attend free concerts in open areas in the parks of the capital.

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