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Whether or not you believe in the sacredness of New Year's Eve, in preparation for the New Year 2023, you should pay attention to some signs that can tell you how successful the coming year will be.

Attract good luck

2023 is the year of the Rabbit ahead of us, which means, first of all, it is worth knowing what New Year's signs will help bring good luck, financial well-being and happiness to the house this year.

So, pay attention to these important points:

    • It is important to finish cleaning the house before 12/31/22 - it is believed that on the last day of the year you can sweep all the happiness out of the house.
    • Decorate your home and Christmas tree. If you think that a felled tree carries a bad aura, choose an artificial beauty or a live pine tree in a flowerpot.
    • Don't skimp on holiday attire. Signs say that in order to attract good luck, celebrate the New Year 2023 gently in a new outfit.
    • If you want to attract prosperity, then be sure to set a rich table and invite guests to the house.
    • On the table in 2023 there must be foods that the symbol of the New Year - Rabbit loves: fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as salads with fresh cucumber, tomato and herbs (preferably without mayonnaise).
    • If at the time of preparation for the holiday in the house will be foundbeaten or cracked plates (cups), feel free to throw them away. Better yet, buy a new set of dishes for the holiday.
    • Animals nailed to the house during this period cannot be driven out - this happiness is asking for the house.
    • To meet a big kind dog on 12/31/22 - to great luck. If she also shows interest in you (wags her tail, licks) - expect great happiness.
    • If a boy or a man enters the house first on 01.01.23, the year will be successful for the whole family.

    To attract good luck in 2023, on the Christmas tree or on the table, be sure to place a figurine of the symbol of the coming year - the Rabbit (Hare).

    Raising money

    Everyone knows that the night of December 31 to January 1 is a great time to attract financial well-being. In order for money to flow throughout 2023, it is worth considering the following signs on New Year's Eve:

    • Pay off all debts in the outgoing year.
    • Decorate the Christmas tree with coins wrapped in colored foil.
    • When setting the table, put a coin under the tablecloth in each corner.
    • Put a coin under the guests' plates.
    • Grate 2 coins in hand to the chimes.
    • Buy a new broom, decorate it with a red ribbon and place it in the corner of the kitchen - it will increase we alth.
    • Light 7 green candles at the beginning of the holiday and let them burn out completely.
    • Before starting the identity, put a bill in your right pocket (the larger, the better).
    • On December 31, put a small red bag of coins in the refrigerator. Please note that coins must remain strictly overnight.tails up.
    • Broken Christmas toy - to unexpected money.

    Also, to attract we alth under the chiming clock, you can scatter grains of wheat in the house, throwing grains of wheat up to the ceiling. At the same time, you need to say: “Let my finances multiply as many times as there were grains in my head.”

    Attracting he alth

    In order to have good he alth in 2023, you should pay attention to such New Year signs and beliefs:

    • You can get rid of diseases by meeting the chimes in a scarf, and with the 12th blow, abruptly removing it from your shoulders and hiding it in a far corner.
    • Participation in a round dance around the Christmas tree has long been considered a sign of he alth.
    • Sneeze just like that at the festive table - to the he alth of all those present.
    • Take a shower on the 31st - improve he alth and wash away all diseases.
    • Standing under the snow - to good he alth.

    Signs for unmarried girls

    For a long time, young girls tried to lift the veil of the future. And today, on the eve of 2023, unmarried people should pay attention to various little things, because there are old New Year's signs that indicate an imminent marriage, or vice versa, the delay of the desired event for at least another year.

    To everyone who is actively looking for a betrothed or looking forward to an offer from a guy with whom they have been in a relationship for a long time, we suggest you remember these signs for the New Year 2023:

    • Cut yourself while preparing a treat - tomarriage.
    • Get dirty on New Year's Eve - to marriage.
    • If on 01/01/23 you meet a stranger first, you will not get married for at least a year. If you meet a friend - the husband will be from old friends, if a colleague - then from among acquaintances from work.
    • Pouring something at the festive table - to the alcohol addiction of the future husband.
    • Paired hearts hidden on the Christmas tree will help you get married successfully.
    • Find a coin on the street on 01/01/23 with an eagle up - for marriage, tails up - there will be no wedding this year.
    • A broken plate for the New Year - to soon marriage.

    Signs for baby

    If in 2023 you most want to become parents, pay attention to New Year's signs that can tell you about the imminent birth of a baby:

    • Celebrate the New Year in the company of friends with children - soon replenishment in your family.
    • Sip from a glass or eat a piece of something from a plate of a pregnant girlfriend - for an early pregnancy.
    • Those who want to become parents as soon as possible should put a gift for the unborn child under the Christmas tree.
    • Jewelry made of agate or pearls for the New Year is also considered a sign of imminent replenishment in the family.
    • If a woman has her period on the night of 31/1, the chances of conceiving a baby this year are minimal.

    Bad omens

    Although the meeting of the New Year 2023 is a joyful event, some signs on the last day of the outgoing year and New Year's Eve may indicate not very pleasantchanges in life.

    • Stumble on 12/31/22 - to failure. On the left foot - in work and career, on the right - in personal life.
    • A broken glass or glass - to family quarrels.
    • Borrow anything on December 31 - to financial problems in the coming year.
    • Meet the New Year alone - spend the whole year like this.
    • Being ill on New Year's Eve is a bad omen, promising he alth problems for the coming year.
    • Crying for the New Year - to sorrowful suffering throughout the year.
    • Sleep through New Year's Eve - sleep through happiness.

    New Year's bans

    To make your meeting of the New Year 2023 as joyful as possible, and the coming year will bring only positive changes in life, it is worth considering not only the signs, but also the prohibitions that our ancestors believed. So, it has long been believed that on December 31 and January 1 it is impossible:

    • clean up;
    • quarrel and scandal;
    • throw food from the New Year's table;
    • chasing or hurting animals;
    • borrow or lend anything;
    • spend all available money on the holiday.

    It is also important to remember that according to the signs on New Year's Eve, you can not make a wish "to be rich" or "to have a lot of money." Also, any desires with the prefix not “not to be poor”, “not to lose your job”, etc. do not work

    Follow the signs, correctly formulate desires and celebrate the New Year 2023 in the company of your loved ones and closest people, then the whole coming year will beaccompany success and good luck.

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