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The most magical and magical night is rapidly approaching, and today we want to talk about how to properly meet the coming 2023 Year of the Rabbit - what to wear, what gifts to put under the Christmas tree, and what treats to put on the table.

Who will the new patron be?

New Year 2023 will be held under the auspices of the Black Water Rabbit, who loves peace and quiet, a measured pace of life, pleasant communication with friends and romance, and is also a great family man.

Taking into account the preferences of the new patron, we will plan how to celebrate the New Year of the Rabbit 2023.

The Year of the Rabbit will be a good one for most, especially in matters of romantic and family relationships. And how to attract good luck in other areas of life, we will tell in this article.

Where to celebrate

Since the Rabbit prefers the comfort of a hearth to noisy parties, it is better to celebrate 2023 in the circle of your closest and beloved people. It can be an evening in the narrow circle of your family, a romantic night with a loved one, or even a big family holiday, which will bring relatives from other cities.

When making a circle of invitees, it is worth considering that on this night there should not be strangers in the house (which you willfor the first time), as well as occasional guests. The Rabbit, like the Cat, does not like such surprises that violate the harmony of the family hearth.

If you do not like to celebrate the New Year at home and invite guests to your place, go to visit your closest ones (parents, children, brothers or sisters). Just as it is not recommended to invite strangers to oneself, it will not be good to find oneself at the time of the New Year in a strange (meaning completely alien, unfamiliar) house, on the road or just on the street.

How to decorate a house

The interior for the New Year 2023 should be made in soft shades, without too bright flashy colors. The accent shade in the decor can be blue, green, gold, chocolate.

The centerpiece of the room should be a Christmas tree (classic or alternative). The Rabbit does not have any special preferences for the variety of forest beauty, therefore, any kind of freshly cut Christmas trees and pines, as well as their artificial counterparts, which have been actively conquering the market in recent years, are quite suitable. Naturally, in the fight for the preservation of nature, the best option for those who can afford it would be a New Year's tree in a flowerpot, which can be planted in a garden or park after the holidays.

Predatory animal prints should be avoided in room and table decor. Soft and friendly by nature, the Rabbit will feel uncomfortable in such an atmosphere, which can subsequently fill your year in revenge with a whole string of reasons for various kinds of experiences and fears.

New Year's table2023 is worth decorating with fresh flowers or deciduous plants in flowerpots. Also, for decoration, you can use coniferous twigs, Christmas toys, figurines of rabbits, as well as fresh fruits.

In what to meet

Every time we celebrate the New Year, we select the optimal color of our outfit, and in 2023 for the year of the Black Rabbit, the palette will be wider than ever.

Among the shades that can attract good luck in the coming year:

    • black and blue (the color of the symbol of the year and its elements);
    • as close as possible to natural shades - sand, wheat, fresh spring greens, brown, red clay;
    • bright and saturated - shade of dawn, terracotta, mustard;
    • soft undertones - from gray to powdery or gray-lilac.

    Glitter fabrics will continue to be popular in 2023.

    It is also worth considering that we are celebrating the New Year of the Rabbit 2023 in comfortable, as natural things as possible, without excessive pretentious pathos in the image and complex decorative elements.

    It is worth giving up any kind of natural fur. A furry patron will definitely not like such a bow. If desired, you can wear a dress decorated with feathers or faux fur. Such models in the new season were presented by many fashion houses specializing in evening fashion.

    You can also learn more about what eminent designers offer to celebrate the New Year in the winter 2022-2023 season from the materials of our website.

    Symbolic gifts

    OnThe pages of our site have a lot of materials on the topic of choosing gifts for loved ones, relatives and friends. If you want to please each of the guests with a mini-present who will share the joy of meeting the New Year 2023 with you, we suggest considering such inexpensive options:

    • sweet gifts in the author's design;
    • bunny keyrings or souvenirs;
    • beautifully decorated photos from the New Year's holiday (for this, you can organize a photo zone in the house).

    Christmas menu

    Thinking through the details how to celebrate 2023, every housewife pays special attention to the festive menu, because you really want to please everyone with original treats, and perhaps surprise with unusual culinary masterpieces.

    Important! On New Year's Eve 2023, there should not be dishes from the symbol of the coming year - the rabbit - on the table. Even if you really love such treats, it is better to leave them for other celebrations, and for the New Year, prepare treats from other types of meat, fish or seafood.

    On the table must be:

    • greens;
    • fresh fruits;
    • light vegetable salads;
    • fish dishes.

    Don't cook a lot of greasy and heavy food - focus on light snacks with original design. You will find many interesting New Year's recipes in the "New Year's table" section of our website.

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