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Many are wondering where to go for the New Year 2023 inexpensively to have a good rest after working days and enjoy the New Year holidays. Vacation planning begins in March, and by November, most comfortable hotels will already be occupied by other tourists.

This article will talk about 6 options for New Year holidays in the most interesting places and 6 holiday options in foreign countries for lovers of exotic vacations in the hot sun or in foreign winter resorts.

Vacation: 6 best places for New Year's Eve

1. Moscow

The busiest city where large-scale New Year's fireworks and mass festivities will be held with thousands of domestic and foreign tourists.

Golden Ring Hotel with excellent views of the Moscow City business center, Orthodox churches and the Foreign Ministry building. Prices - from 7,000 to 12,000 rubles per person during the New Year holidays. Breakfast is included in the standard rate, for restaurants you will have to pay extra on the spot.

You can go on a group tour by bus, carrying tourists to all the sights and New Year's places of the huge city. Price - 1000 RUB per person.

2. Moscow Region

Wide range of attractions - ski resorts(Yakhroma, Volen), ancient cities (Kolomna, Volokolamsk, Dmitrov), Orthodox churches in Sergiev Posad, protected museums in Chekhov and Borodino and much more.

Accommodation in inexpensive hotels will cost from 5,000 per person with quality food and hotel restaurants.

Food prices depend on the selected cities, range from 600-900 per day.

The cost of an excursion tour in several cities of the Moscow region for the New Year is from 7,000 rubles per participant.

3. Karelia

Ski resorts, snow-covered nature, national parks, historical buildings and nature reserves - these are just a few of the beauties of New Year's Karelia.

The cost of accommodation in local hotels - from 3,000 per adult.

Food - from 700 rubles per day in inexpensive restaurants.

Prices for a three-day sightseeing tour from the capital - from 9,000 per person. Individual excursions with immersion in the national Karelian culture - from 2,000 per tourist.

4. Saint Petersburg

The Capital of Culture is a great city to visit for the New Year in 2023. Peter will provide many unique attractions, ancient architecture and historical buildings.

The cost of living in small hotels - from 2,000 RUB per guest.

Food - from 600 to 3000 rubles, depending on the choice of cafes and restaurants.

A three-hour walking tour will cost 6,000 rubles per person,bus tour of the fabulous city - from 1,000 rubles per tourist with travel to all city attractions.

5. Sochi

Black Sea resorts rarely freeze in winter, providing tourist services to everyone. You can visit museums, ride attractions and explore ski resorts.

Accommodation in a double room in an ordinary hotel - from 2,000 RUB per night for the New Year holidays.

Meals will cost from 700 rubles per day.

Prices of a standard bus tour - from 1,000 per tourist. Private tours will cost more, but rarely exceed 10,000 per participant.

6. Veliky Ustyug

The famous homeland of Santa Claus will give an unforgettable experience to all tourists who visited it for the New Year. Ancient sites, ancient monuments and rich culture are just a few of the festive fun!

Accommodation in standard hotels - from 2,000 per night.

Food is cheap - from 500 per day.

Individual hikes with a guide - from 1700 rubles per person. Special New Year tours from Moscow are expensive (from 20,000 RUB per tourist) and include accommodation in expensive boarding houses, three meals a day, and a festive program.

Holidays Abroad: 6 Best Countries to Travel to for New Years

1. Egypt

Hot weather persists for the New Year - you can enjoy views of exotic beaches, swim in the sea and visit local attractions: ancient temples, pyramids and monuments of the ancient eraEgypt.

Cheap hotels offer comfortable rooms from 1,500 RUB per night or private apartments for the same price.

Meals are included in the hotel program or will be from 300 rubles per day in local cafes.

The cost of a seven-day tour from Moscow is from 45,000 RUB with high quality guarantees. Private tours range from 2,000 per tourist.

2. Vietnam

South Asian resorts offer sunny beaches, nightlife and fine seafood with a hint of national cuisine.

Daily price of accommodation in an average hotel - from 1,000 rubles per visitor, apartments - from 1,500.

Meals are better to get in hotels, and expensive restaurants can offer delicious dishes - the cost is from 1,000 RUB per day.

Moscow tours start from 120,000 per participant, local guides charge 1,500 - 2,000 per tourist.

3. Thailand

The resort country attracts tourists from all over the world thanks to its beach holidays, nightlife and ancient culture.

Accommodation in a regular hotel room - from 800 per visitor, apartments - from 1,000 and more.

You can eat for 300-700 rubles every day.

Tourist trips from Moscow start from 110,000 RUB, offering high quality service.

4. Dubai

A majestic desert metropolis known for its opulence - huge skyscrapers, shopping malls and fantastic resorts. From December to January is heldShopping Festival with huge discounts on many items.

Living in a hotel is not cheap - from 5,000 per day, and private apartments are 2-3 times more expensive.

The food is tasty and inexpensive - it will cost from 1,000 rubles for three meals a day.

A tourist trip from Moscow agencies costs from 80,000 per person. There are many tours in Dubai with prices from 3,000 and up.

5. Turkey

Snowy Turkey has ski resorts, historical sites and a massive New Year celebration on the streets of Istanbul.

Hotel room - from 1,200 for each day, apartment - from 3,000 and above.

You can eat hearty and cheap - you will spend no more than 700 RUB on daily feeding.

Capital tours cost from 40,000 per participant. New Year's excursions in Istanbul will cost 2000-6000 per person.

6. Georgia

Georgia is a great option where to go in January 2023. Mineral springs, ancient sites and famous Georgian cuisine are the main reasons for the popularity of the post-Soviet country among tourists from.

The cost of a hotel room starts from 1,000 rubles per day, apartments - from 700.

Food on the street and in cafes is very cheap - it will take no more than 500 rubles for daily breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tourist trips from Moscow tour operators - from 80,000 per tourist. Georgian guides charge a little - from 1,000 per participant.

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