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New Year in Kostroma, no doubt, can give a lot of bright unforgettable impressions to children and adults in 2023. Kostroma is a city with a developed infrastructure, which has everything for an active and fun holiday. During the New Year and Christmas holidays, the city is transformed, attracting tourists with bright lights and fun entertainment events. The main thing is to plan your trip in advance, as there are a lot of interesting things here.

Visiting the Snow Maiden

When asked how to celebrate the new year 2023 in Kostroma, a local resident will most likely answer the tourist that he should go to visit the Snow Maiden. After all, this city is considered the birthplace of the granddaughter of Santa Claus.

Snegurochka lives in a painted wooden house that looks like a gingerbread house from a fairy tale. The guests will be met by a guide who will take you through the rooms where the fairy-tale heroine lives, and will tell you about ancient legends and traditions associated with the celebration of the New Year. Also, sightseers are waiting for a bright theatrical performance. One of the rooms of the tower is completely made of ice, where you can see unique author's ice sculptures, as well as try traditional Kostroma drinks and delicacies.

You need to book a tour in advance. New Year's andChristmas holidays are the peak season, so in some cases, tourists are charged in advance. The cost of an interactive tour with a visit to the ice room in the Snow Maiden's tower will be 500 rubles per person.

Toy Factory

In the suburbs of Kostroma, Lavrovo, there is a factory that makes wooden toys. The owner of the factory is Grandfather Frost himself. He will be happy to tell tourists about how toys are made at the factory, and also take guests to his post office and show letters that children and adults send him every year. The tour ends with a master class, during which each guest will be able to paint and take home a Christmas decoration as a souvenir. Children are provided with discounts for visiting the factory and the master class, the average cost of the event will be 1000 rubles.

The factory can tell about the history of wooden toys and teach today's children to play games popular with great-grandparents. In addition to a master class on painting a Christmas tree toy, you can attend master classes in painting on wood and ceramics, paint a linen bag, and make a traditional Russian doll from scraps.

Cheese Museum

Kostroma is a city that produces several well-known varieties of cheese, including the famous "Kostroma". At the cheese museum, you can see the tools for making this product, learn the history of the origin of cheese, attend a master class on cheese making and taste high-quality products.

Active Leisure

Temwho wants to relax in nature, you can offer husky dog riding. For tourists, trails of various lengths are laid: from 1 to 5 km. The cost of the interactive program includes a visit to a real tent with tea drinking, as well as communication with puppies of sled dogs. You can buy a tour lasting several hours or several days. Extreme lovers are offered a 25 km long dog ride (the price of the route includes an overnight stay in a guest house). On the territory of the tourist center there is a kennel where purebred huskies are bred, visiting which you can chat with dogs and learn a lot of interesting things about this unusual breed.

Also, nature lovers will certainly enjoy visiting the elk farm. Domestic moose are bred here, and sometimes their wild counterparts come to feed. In summer, those who wish can try moose cow milk.

Museum of Wooden Architecture

Lovers of antiquity for the new year should visit the Kostroma Sloboda Museum of Wooden Architecture in the open air. On the territory of the museum are collected old wooden houses, mills, outbuildings and temples, which were specially brought here from different parts of Kostroma and the region. Each building has its own unique look thanks to the interior and exterior decor.

During the New Year and Christmas holidays, the museum hosts an entertaining interactive program for children and adults with the participation of professional animators. The time of the event needs to be specified in advance, asthe schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions.


Arriving for the holidays in Kostroma in your own car, you can choose to stay in a park-hotel under the sonorous name Berendeevka. There is a hippodrome and a zoo nearby, but the hotel is always quiet and calm, as if in a protected forest. The cost of living includes a buffet breakfast. The interior decoration of the rooms is designed in Provence or country style. Guests are offered rooms of both economy class and superior comfort, all rooms have a full set of furniture appliances.

New Year in Kostroma 2023 can be inexpensively met in a boarding house or rest house, as well as at a tourist base; the latter option will especially appeal to young people and outdoor enthusiasts.

Before you celebrate the new year in this beautiful and big city, you should book your accommodation in advance, as hotels and inns are often crowded during the New Year holidays. The prices for accommodation, meals and excursion services in Kostroma are relatively low, so a family with children and an elderly couple of pensioners can afford a holiday in this city for the New Year 2023.

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