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Many people want to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg to meet the beginning of 2023 in the charming atmosphere of the northern capital. During the New Year holidays, the city hosts many cultural and entertainment events where you can have fun, relax and celebrate the end of the year with your family.

We will tell you how to celebrate the New Year 2023 in St. Petersburg, what New Year events will be held in the city and what prices St. Petersburg will offer guests this season.

5 best places

1. Palace Square

The largest square in the city, where entertainment programs and folk festivals are held every year on New Year's Eve. Thousands of foreign tourists also gather here, who want to celebrate the holiday among the crowd of people, have fun and walk until the morning.

Accommodation is available in hotels and inns, not far from the square - the price of a double room is from 3,000 rubles per day. It is worth booking a few months before the end of December, otherwise all options will be sold out.

The square is full of street food vendors - it will cost around 2,000 rubles. per person.

2. Hay Square

Another town square where every yearinstall a large ice rink. You can go ice skating with your children, go to a local festival and sit in the shopping center "Sennaya" or "Peak" located nearby.

There are several hotels and guest houses near the square - room rates start from 1,500 rubles per night. Need to book early to keep rooms available.

You can eat on the street or in restaurants and cafes in shopping centers - prices will be from 1,500 rubles per person per night.

3. Nightclubs & Bars

There are many nightclubs throughout St. Petersburg that hold special parties on New Year's Eve. You can visit private concerts of famous musicians and DJs performing in such venues.

Separately, you can mention the bar "Purga" on the banks of the Fontanka - a popular place for celebrating the New Year with local residents. Waitresses are dressed up as Snow Maidens, old Soviet films will be shown on TV screens, and DJs will play cheerful music for the party.

Tickets to clubs will cost from 3,000 rubles per visitor.

Food is available at parties or in small cafes near the clubs - the budget will be from 2,000 rubles. per person.

4. Christmas Markets

Another option where to celebrate the New Year 2023 in St. Petersburg is New Year's fairs. Among the largest fairs are New Holland on the banks of the Admir alteisky Canal, Nikolsky Rows on Sadovaya, Manezhnaya Square, Sevkabel Port and the market on Elagin Island. You can buy unique products, have fun with friends andspend cultural leisure time.

There are guest houses and hotels near each fair - prices will be from 1,500 RUB for a standard room.

There are many stalls with different food at the fairs - the budget will cost 3,000 rubles per person.

5. Ski resort "Igora"

Igora is one of the best ski resorts on the territory of St. Petersburg especially for sports lovers.

In the resort area there are:

    • complex spa treatments;
    • gym;
    • indoor pool;
    • cinema;
    • ice rink.

    Celebrity guest parties are held on New Year's Eve.

    Price for one day at Igor for the New Year 2023 in St. Petersburg - from 5,000 rubles per day for one guest.

    Accommodation is available in houses in the resort area - it costs from 15,000 rubles per day. Must be booked 4-5 months in advance to keep houses available.

    Meals are included in the program, there is a buffet and a restaurant for guests.

    5 New Year tours to St. Petersburg

    1. Carnival Night

    New Year's tour of the cultural capital with visits to historical sites, Palace Square, Kronstadt, Catherine's Palace and other locations.

    Held for five days and ends with a festive carnival on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

    Price - from 21,000 RUB per guest.

    2. Enjoy Your Bath Tour

    Starts in Moscow and runs through the tripto St. Petersburg on the Sapsan train. Lasts 4 days and includes a visit to Kronstadt, various museums, the Peter and Paul Fortress and city tours.

    Price - from 14,000 rubles. per person.

    Meals are not included in the program, prices in local cafes - from 1,000 rubles per day per tourist.

    3. "Christmas Story"


    • city tour;
    • Peter and Paul Fortress;
    • Peterhof;
    • Vodka Museum;
    • the final Christmas market.

    Lasts 5 days.

    Ticket price - from 10,000 RUB per visitor.

    You can eat in cafes and restaurants - it will cost about 1,500 daily.

    4. New Year with Joulupukki

    Tourist trip to the Lapland village, where you can meet the real Santa Claus and receive gifts from him. No visa required, lasts 3 to 5 days to choose from.

    Price - from 7,000 rubles. for a guest. Accommodation at own expense.

    Food is available in a village cafe - it will take from 1,000 RUB per person per day.

    5. New Year's capitals of Varangian Russia

    Another option to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg at the beginning of 2023 is a unique tour of the special places of the northern capital and surrounding regions, including:

    • Pavlovsk;
    • Kronstadt;
    • Sablinsky caves;
    • Veliky Novgorod;
    • Northern Viking city.

    Price - from 19,000 RUB per tourist. Betterbook early to ensure availability.

    Accommodation is possible in hotels and guest houses - from 1,000 rubles. per day for regular number.

    Food at your own expense - from 1,000 rubles per day in local cafes and restaurants.

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