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Western economy and frugality in food disgusts the Russian mentality, especially on New Year's Eve. The festive table should be bursting with dishes. A bowl of salad roams between jokes and toasts, but appetizers are still prepared in solid volumes. This has been the custom for a long time and it is not worth changing traditions for the arrival of the Black Water Rabbit. But try to serve everything elegantly, for example, decorate dishes beautifully, or even better - choose a certain style for the feast and follow its rules.

New Master of the Year - with pretensions, and quite picky about the external surroundings. Study photos, draw ideas and let the New Year's table setting become the most enjoyable moment in preparation for your favorite holiday.

In this article:

  • Rabbit-like does not mean somehow;
  • serving options in different styles;
  • harmony in the details.

How to decorate the New Year's table in general: color, accessories, Rabbit preferences

So, we are waiting for the Rabbit to visit. He will not be at the table, but the invisible presence is already felt, prompting to make plans for the near and distant future. And so that everything goes smoothly, it is advisable to celebrate the New Year with an eyeon preferences and virtual host. Although I don’t believe in fairy tales, no one has canceled the ubiquitous “maybe”

Outfits have already been chosen, gifts have been bought, it has been determined what should be on the New Year's table. The pre-holiday fuss is growing like a snowball, striving to capture all free time. Relax, meditate, and at the same time think over the serving, because the menu will be plentiful, the fun will be stormy, the entourage will be spectacular - this is how it should be in the year of the Rabbit.

There are many options for decorating the New Year's table. For tablecloths, napkins, decor, Christmas and winter colors are suitable:

  • red;
  • white;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • silver;
  • gold.

Pastel versions are being considered - pink, ecru, light green, pale blue. All shades of yellow and brown are relevant. After all, it is in this outfit that the host will come to celebrate the New Year 2023 to the king of the ball.

Traditional decor:

  • candles, from miniature to massive;
  • christmas balls, beads, tinsel;
  • coniferous branches and wreaths;
  • figures of deer, snowmen, Christmas characters.

How to combine all this into a common composition - depends on the chosen style, and it must be sustained. Table setting on the principle - all the best is immediately excluded. The tiger, although a harsh predator, is a delicate thing at heart with good taste and a sense of proportion.

It is logical to assume that she likes the countryside, nature, gentle or brutal simplicity. It really is, butcheerful country, rough rustic, dreamy eco, shy shabby chic should appeal to you too. If there is no harmony, joy goes away.

Christmas table in different styles

If you prefer asceticism, gloss, originality - act. Do not break yourself for the sake of any stereotypes. Yes, and there are none at all - the Tiger will be happy with any treat. Therefore, you can choose any option for serving the New Year's table, even an intricate rustic, even a modest Japanese one. A few diverse examples will help you find the right direction.


Bright and positive, with its decoration it repeats the favorite colors of Christmas - white, red, green. Red and white dominates - tablecloths and napkins, pattern on cutlery, packaging of small surprises or greeting cards for guests.

Decorations - cones, spruce branches, winter berry inflorescences, candy sticks. They are placed in small groups near each plate, in the center, as a separate composition on a wooden board or a coarse knitted napkin. Candles - plain white, large enough.

The second option is soft at home. A snow-white or calm checkered tablecloth, warm linen napkins set off the coolness of white plates and glass without gilding. Carved figures of deer hid near ceramic dishes, wooden boards with snacks. And yet it iscountry! A green branch curls between dishes, white candles in candlesticks, rowan tassels are scattered.


Want to decorate the New Year's feast brightly, spectacularly, unusually - boho-chic style is for you. Hand made elements at the base give a wide scope for imagination and self-expression. In serving, crocheted and macrame napkins, runners, tablecloths are actively used.

Cookware from different sets is welcome, subject to brightness and non-standard shapes. Well, if you have preserved glasses from the last century, on a leg or ordinary ones. Tall elegant wine glasses can easily coexist with down-to-earth brutal ones.

Decor - live and handmade flowers, compositions of spruce branches and dried flowers, original covers for cutlery. The finishing touch on the ceiling is a spectacular chandelier or low-hanging dream catchers. Any color scheme, combinations of living wood and textiles are relevant.

Minimalism and Scandi

Simply, extraordinary, concise - minimalism in decorating the New Year's table should be a continuation of the style of the apartment. Otherwise, the serving will look poor and hasty, as if covered for a quick snack. The black and white gamma is relevant, a little silver or gray linen, candles from miniature to giant, green branches.Decor may be missing altogether.

Scandinavian style is a little more loyal and homey. Combinations of white with pink, red, blue, gilding, natural wood and ceramics are welcome. The table can be decorated with carvings, the chairs can be covered with fluffy fur capes.

Shabby chic

Summer style for winter serving - fresh, joyful, unusual. Bring out retro dishes - crystal salad bowls and glasses, fruit bowls on elegant legs, plates with a gold border and flowers.

Expose all the beauty on a simple wooden or aged board surface. A tablecloth is also suitable - a thin veil, with a printed or embroidered small pattern. Decorating is quite simple - lace, flowers, Christmas balls, candlesticks in the form of lanterns.


A lot of raw wood, brutal simplicity, natural coarse fabrics - burlap, unbleached linen, folk print embroidery. Large glasses, plain cutlery, shot glassesand small metal accessories, candles in jars - an imitation of the life of woodcutters or forest hermits makes a magical night a special romantic.

Eco style

Ecological style is similar to Scandinavian. Combinations of white with grassy green, wood, live plants and dried flowers are welcome. Tablecloth - made of natural materials, linen runners, napkins, wooden or straw coasters for plates. Nuts, tangerines, dried fruits, gingerbread - for decoration, simple twine for dressing.


A lot of gilding, refinement of shapes, transparent glass on the thinnest legs, personalized places, an elegant surprise or beautifully packaged cutlery on the plate of each guest. Christmas balls in a vase, tinsel, sequins, intricate candlesticks, sparkling deer figurines, carved snowflakes - decor with a claim to splendor is a must.

Smart serving - tips for innovators and conformists

Do not try to make the New Year's table, and the whole house is too colorful, there is a great risk of missing. It is optimal to use no more than three colors of the same saturation - either bright or muted. Remember the compatibility of textiles, appliances, jewelry.

Graceful crockery without a pattern will suit a bright tablecloth, it is possible with gilding, crystal on stable legs. Blue color is the basis for silverware, twisted coasters, elegant tall glasses.

Colored glass looks great on a white, silver, gold background. Natural tones are combined with ceramics, delicate shades and flowery plates create a special homely atmosphere.

Stick to the general direction of the chosen style, pay attention to details, improvise, relying on your abilities. New Year's table setting can match the design of the room as a whole or be duplicated with a similar accent.

For example:

  • country - an elegant cheerful Christmas tree;
  • boho-chic - garlands of pom-poms on the walls;
  • shabby chic - floral curtains;
  • minimalism - gifts in craft or white paper.

If you want stability, choose what is close and understandable to you. If you plan to start the New Year 2023 with global changes, start right now. Applyan unusual approach and feel like a different person. There is time to explore a direction that you absolutely do not like, but perhaps it will become a guiding thread.

There are no single recommendations on how to serve and decorate the New Year's table - there is a good mood and an inner sense of harmony. Catch this wave, be happy and everything will work out!

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