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Meet the New Year 2023 on Red Square is the dream of many. It is believed that if you make a wish in the very heart of the country at exactly midnight on New Year's Eve, it will certainly come true. Therefore, coming here for the holiday has already become a tradition for both Muscovites and guests of the city.

Every year a program of activities is developed that covers different age groups of people. On the last day of the outgoing year, a fair is held on the square, where themed souvenirs are sold. Also at the fair you can try sweets and mulled wine traditional for this holiday. During the day, visitors will be able to take part in various competitions and quizzes, ride the rides that will be installed on the square. Especially for children, a festive program is being thought out with the participation of Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and other magical characters who will give gifts to young participants. In addition, guests will be able to see:

    • The design of the square in the style of a fairy tale.
    • Laser and light shows.
    • Performances by famous musicians and figure skaters.
    • Theatrical performances involving the audience.
    • Dances and round dances around the country's main Christmas tree.
    • New Year's fireworks.

    Don't forget about the grandiose ice rink, whichorganized annually on Red Square. There will also be a large number of photo zones where guests of the holiday can take unusual photos.

    How to get to a holiday in the center

    Since the GUM ice tracks will be able to accommodate about 500 people, the number of tickets will be limited. Those wishing to meet the New Year 2023 on Red Square should buy tickets in advance, back in early autumn. A certain number of tickets will be raffled among active citizens, as well as beneficiaries, family members of city hall employees, government officials, and others.

    To feel the atmosphere of the holiday, it is not necessary to be directly on Red Square. A New Year's program will be organized nearby on the territory of New Year's towns and cafes. There are also recreation areas for those who do not like noise. For this, secluded rooms were invented, in which romantic melodramas for two will be broadcast. Festive fireworks will be visible on many streets of the city. For lovers of home relaxation, online broadcasts from Red Square will be held.

    How not to freeze on New Year's Eve

    In order not to spoil the festive mood, you should prepare in advance and take the following things with you to the square:

    • Warm and comfortable clothes. Winter nights in Moscow are cold, you need to be prepared for this.
    • Food and hot tea. Despite the fact that there are many cafes in the city center where you can eat and warm up, on New Year's Eve there will be long queues. So better stock uphot tea from home. It does not make sense to take alcoholic drinks with you, they will not be allowed to be carried into the square.
    • Means of communication. This is especially true for those who plan to go on holiday with children. There will be a lot of people, which increases the likelihood of getting lost. It is better to give each child a mobile phone, put a note in his pocket with contact details and explain what to do if he gets lost.
    A personal car for moving around on New Year's Eve is not the most convenient option. On the last day of December, the entire center will be closed to cars and declared a pedestrian zone. Therefore, the car will have to be left far from the square in a paid parking lot. But public transport will work almost all night, so you can easily get to any part of the city.

    Recommendations for visitors to the city

    Meeting the New Year on Red Square will give you unforgettable impressions and good mood. However, for tourists who do not know Moscow well, unaccounted for little things can ruin the holiday. To make the first night of the year leave pleasant emotions, consider the following recommendations:

    • You should arrive early. Despite the fact that the main program starts at 22:00, it is better to arrive 2-3 hours earlier. This will avoid crowds and take comfortable seats near the stage.
    • Think about the route there and back and the mode of transport. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the entire area of the Garden Ring will be blocked for ground transport. There will be a break in the work of the metro from 2 o'clock to half past 5, but the buses will run allnight.
    • Potentially dangerous metal objects are best left at home. Metal detector frames will be installed everywhere on Red Square, so constant explanations with law enforcement officers will spoil the mood. There will also be difficulties when trying to bring alcohol and firecrackers into the square.
    • Reject offers to sell tickets to the square. On such a day, many dishonest citizens will want to earn extra money on the naivety of city guests. In most cases, the tickets will turn out to be counterfeit.

    Fun in the square will not end with New Year's fireworks at midnight. After that, the songs and dances will continue. If you take into account all the recommendations and plan your trip in advance, then New Year's Eve will become an unforgettable fairy tale for you, the impressions of which will last a lifetime.

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