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There is no fixed amount of labor pension, since the amount of payments depends on several factors: the number of years worked, earnings, contributions to the Pension Fund. If desired, the amount of the future pension can be calculated in advance, if you know how to do it and apply the current rules. No changes are expected yet - in 2023 the calculation will be carried out similarly to 2023 and 2023.

2023 - who is eligible to retire

From 01.01.2019, new provisions of pension laws came into force. These rules provide for changes in the retirement age for men from 60 to 65 years, for women - from 55 to 60 years. The transition is extended over time and will end in 2028.

Transition period table

2028 AgeYear of release 1960, 1st half 1960, 2nd half 1961 6320241962 6420261963 652028
Women, year of birthAge Issue year
1965, I semester56.52022, 1st semester
1965, 2nd semester 56.52022, 1st half
1966 582024
196759 2026
Men, year of birth
61.52022, 2nd half
61.52022, 1st half

The table clearly shows the gradual transition - it is clear that after June 2023 (in 2023 and 2025) there will be no retirees. The ranks of pensioners in 2023 will be replenished by those who earned a pension, but postponed its registration, and at the expense of workers with preferential service. An exception to the rule will apply to women born in 1966 (57 years old) with three children and women born in 1967 (56 years old) with four children.

For more information about legislative innovations, see draft law No. 489161-7 “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts on the Appointment and Payment of Pensions.”

Factors affecting pension benefits

In order for those who retired to be able to receive an old-age pension, the employer is required to deduct 22% of earnings in the PF. Calculate insurance pension accruals using a special formula based on points earned. Insurance pension (SP) depends on:

    • points earned, i.e. individual pension coefficient (IPC);
    • price (value) of one pension coefficient (SPK);
    • Government Guaranteed Fixed Benefit (PV).

    Transfer rulesThe insurance part of the pension is defined by Federal Law No. 173 of December 17, 2001, No. 400 of December 28, 2013, No. 1015 of October 2, 2014

    Pension in 2023 - how to calculate

    To obtain a JV, the following requirements must be met - points and the amount of insurance experience must reach a certain threshold by the time of termination of employment.

    Total points and minimum experience

    2022 2023 2023 2024 2025 152026 30152028 3015
    YearScore Experience (in years)
    28.2 15

    In addition to working years, military service, the period of caring for children, the elderly, citizens with disabilities, the time the family lives in an area with a limited number of jobs are added to the length of service.

    The amount of accruals (SP - insurance pension) is calculated as follows: the individual pension coefficient (IPC) is multiplied by the cost of one point (SPK), a fixed payment (PV) is added to the amount received. If the pension is deferred, then when it is calculated, the increase factor is used, i.e., the PV is multiplied by the KvFV. The size of the coefficient directly depends on the interval between the actual date of retirement and the application for accrual.

    Formula:SP=IPK ᵡ SPK +FV (or FV ᵡ KvFV)

    Table of the cost of IP points and the value of PV

    2022104.76401.1 2023110.56759.562024116.67131.34
    YearPrice of one point ( RUB)Fixed payment (RUB)

    You can get information about the accumulated points using the UPFR Personal Account, the State Services website, and the pension calculator will help you make an online calculation.

    Final points directly depend on the length of service (the longer you made contributions to the PF, the more points you accumulate) and earnings (the higher the salary, the more deductions). As a result, the pension will be larger for those who earn more points.

    What determines the pension of a military pensioner

    Military pensions are calculated differently from civilian pensions.

    Their size is affected by salary by rank, position held at the time of accrual, length of service, preferential length of service, district coefficient, qualifications, participation in hostilities, disability, dependents. All this data is entered into the military pension calculator, which will help you calculate.

    Annually, the military pension is indexed, but not from January 1, but from October 1. Indexation of 4% is planned for 2023 and 2023.

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