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Since 1959, international sports competitions have been held among students. Winter and summer events are held every other year. In 2023, Yekaterinburg will become the capital of the Summer Universiade, and Lake Placid (USA) will be the winter Universiade.


The FISU University Sports Federation has been the constant organizer of this sporting event for 62 years. It was this organization that approved the name "Universiade".

The main goal of the movement is to popularize and promote Olympic values among students around the world. Yekaterinburg became the only city to apply to host the 2023 Summer Universiade. The decision that this Russian city will become the capital was made on the eve of a similar event in 2023 in Italy.

Six months later, a presidential decree was signed on preparations for the event.

The federal organizing committee headed by Olga Golodets was formed in September 2023. In addition to the head, it consists of officials of the regional and state levels. The organizing committee also includes representatives of the business community.


World University Games will be held from 8 to 19 August 2023. They will last 12 days, including opening and closing dates.


The number of mandatory sports has steadily increased throughout the history of the games. In 2023, there will be 15 varieties of different disciplines, from archery to taekwondo. In addition, the program includes 3 additional sports that were previously selected by the Russian side: boxing, rugby and sambo.

Olympic Village

All competitions will be held on the territory of the Olympic Village. Location - Novokoltsovsky district of Yekaterinburg.

The development plan is designed to accommodate more than 11.5 thousand people at the same time. For this, it is planned to provide 230 thousand m32.

According to preliminary information, before the Universiade 2023, it is necessary to build 9 large sports facilities, such as an ice arena, a football field, sports centers and palaces of various sports.

Thirteen existing facilities are being reconstructed and updated. These are stadiums, a swimming pool, football fields, etc. In addition, a large medical center, an extensive community center, offices, utility rooms, educational buildings, dormitories, etc. will be built.

After the end of the Universiade 2023, the Olympic Village will be transformed into a full-fledged residential area of Yekaterinburg, so trade institutions, consumer services, gardens, a comprehensive school and an art school, a library, parking lots, etc. will be built here.

Most of the objects are planned to be handed over in 2023.

Cost and provision of the project

For a full scaletraining, the ANO "Executive Directorate of the Universiade-2023" was created. It was registered in 2023 as ANO "Universiade-2023", but reformatted in November of the same year.

To calculate the cost of the project, a federal program was approved, which was adjusted regionally. The difference is that at the regional level they gave a more accurate figure, taking into account all the available capacities and opportunities. As of the end of 2023, this amount was about 65 billion rubles. More than 30 billion is planned to be received from the regional budget.

But officials believe that there may be financial difficulties. This is due to the fact that the original draft did not take into account the situation with the pandemic, which sharply reduced the amount of taxes received by the treasury.

So far, the budget plan has not been adjusted, and the money was allocated in full. In 2023, the region remained in a deficit of 70 billion, so federal assistance will be needed in the near future. Partially, the need for finance will be covered by preparations for the 300th anniversary of Yekaterinburg, during which separate objects are also being built.

Representatives of the deputy corps propose to redistribute financial flows from other areas, for example, from environmental protection or culture.


The choice of the logo was made on a competitive basis. Before choosing the winner, held 5 stages. In September 2023, the project was presented to the public. The composition is based on the Latin letter U, which combines other geometric shapes.

Specialists noted that the logomade in such directions as constructivism, minimalism and modern animation, because it is interactive. The authorship belongs to the Kazan advertising agency Lorien LLC. They beat 23 rivals in the competitive stages.

The pictograms of the main sports have also changed. Now they consist of geometric shapes and form a single ensemble with the logo. They are made in the form of details of each direction. For example, for badminton it is a shuttlecock, for gymnastics it is a ring near the platform, etc.


The development of a mascot is the prerogative of students, other categories cannot take part in its development.

The competition was held in 6 stages. After the first round, 12 characters remained: most are animals and a few collective images. 3 characters finally approved:

    • Hitty is a girl blogger. Modern image. Always carries a smartphone with him and takes a lot of selfies. He also takes pictures of the people around him. The name is derived from "malachite" for short, which is why her clothes and hair are green.
    • Yaggi is a deer. The name is associated with the moss plant. This character loves to play basketball, but does it as an amateur.
    • Kedri is a young sable. Musician playing the guitar. The name comes from pine nuts.

    The presentation of all the mascots of the Universiade 2023 took place on the Evening Urgant program.


    The main innovation of this event will be a cultural block. In addition to the main program, there will be competitions in public art, dance and stagemovements, music and vocal skills.


    246 sets of medals will be played during the Universiade in Yekaterinburg. The organizers expect that about 800 thousand people will take part in the international student games, 750 thousand of them are spectators.

    People are needed to ensure the smooth operation and normal functioning of all facilities. There is a need to train 8 thousand volunteers, so you can attend the Universiade 2023 not only as a guest, but also as a staff.

    To take your place in a huge team, you need to contact the Universiade 2023 Publishing House. It is an autonomous organization that deals with such issues. Your CV should be sent to the email address [email protected]. Preference is given to students, graduate students and young people under 28 years of age. Knowledge of foreign languages is also considered as a bonus.

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