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Happy New Year to relatives and friends, wherever they are - on the opposite side of the globe or nearby on the couch, a short, capacious, incendiary SMS will help. A few warm words coming from the heart are much better than beautiful formulaic phrases and ready-made poetic wishes. Of course, if you know how to write poems, remake them for a specific situation, or have found a very suitable option, then feel free to use this opportunity. And if the poet in you died without being born, send a message in prose. For a sample - a lot of New Year's SMS for all occasions. Edit them as you wish and delight your loved ones, family, friends.

Waiting for their addressees:

  • beautiful SMS for girls;
  • original SMS for guys;
  • good wishes for the family;
  • fun greetings for friends.

Most New Year SMS for girls

  • Happy New Year with love and tenderness. I wish you to be beautiful like a Snow Maiden, cheerful like a fiery dog and generous with surprises like Santa Claus.
  • Leave all anxieties and doubts in the past year, but take old love with you, and open up new opportunities, gain a fresh outlook on life, an easy attitude to problems,fiery bright emotions and outshine the frisky Pig with sparkling fun.
  • If with the last blow of the chimes the carriage turns into a pumpkin, you can cook delicious porridge from it, and use the crystal slipper as a champagne glass. Happy New Year, magical surprises and fabulous mood!
  • Let's not wait. Make a wish, let's fulfill it together and meet the coming year fully armed - joyfully, cheerfully, happily. And as you meet, so you spend, which means that everything will be wonderful with us!
  • May the New Year be full of flowers, love, travel and intrigue!
  • I want this New Year's Eve to give you real magic so that Cinderella turns green with envy!
  • For you, the New Year will fulfill the most cherished! You deserve the best!
  • I wish the New Year will drive you crazy with the instant fulfillment of everything you want!

Brutal and gentle SMS for guys and men

  • I wish in the coming year swine optimism, the generosity of Santa Claus and, at least many times, feel like a winner of life. And I promise to turn from the Snow Queen into an affectionate Snow Maiden.
  • If you see a picture of Santa Claus on a reindeer sleigh, think not about horns, but about a bag of gifts for your Snow Maiden. Happy New Year my favorite and only one!
  • According to the Italian custom, throw away old trash on New Year's Eve, get rid of cockroaches in your head, and in their place let in the joy of life, happiness, boundless self-confidence and highlight a warm corner for love in your soul.
  • Let the cheerful Santa Claus and the wise Santa Claus fully reward you with their best qualities and do not forget to leave a stocking of dollars and a bag of rubles as a gift.
  • Let the New Year bring you only ups! Let the money flow like a river to you and from you, spend it in pleasure, but not nerves!
  • I want to tame the Earth Pig! May the coming year fulfill everything!
  • I wish Santa Claus with riches on New Year's Eve, the Snow Maiden - with a striptease, the Christmas tree - with a surprise!
  • New Year is a time of good luck! I wish you strength and inspiration. Big affairs, without delay and delay, complaisant girls, and reliable friends! Good luck faithful in all possible ways!
  • Don't sleep, don't wait, don't hesitate! Always strive for everything! Happy New Year!

Soulful SMS for parents and family

  • Daddy, I know you're not Santa Claus, so no need for gifts. Just give me some money so that your son can treat his Snow Maiden. Happy New Year, I love you!
  • Earth Pig is a generous and cheerful animal. May it bring you young enthusiasm, fiery joy, an irrepressible craving for change, adventure in the coming year, and Santa Claus will strengthen stability with a bag of gifts.
  • I wish in the year of the Earth Pig a warm cozy home, tender relationships, favorite work, a decent salary, excellent he alth and an easy outlook on life in all its manifestations. Happy New Year, with a new chance, with new gifts of fate!
  • I wish that on New Year's Eve a fur coat would cover not a herring, but your shoulders, a diamond scattering of winter patterns onthe windows sparkled with diamonds on her fingers, Santa Claus on deer turned out to be a prince on a white horse.
  • Happy New Year! Let nature give you happiness! Let things argue, in the house - harmony! I undertake to follow the advice of everything!
  • I wish the coming year to be carefree, easy, unhindered, happy, rich and prosperous!

Funny SMS for friends and girlfriends for the New Year

  • Meet the expectations of the Pig! Become an alpha male not only in your pack, but also in life. And may your self-confidence only grow stronger every day of the New Year.
  • I wish you to become twice as happy in the New Year, reduce failures and mistakes to zero, meet one but great love and receive a six-figure salary in rubles, dollars or euros to choose from.
  • Let small troubles become big victories in the New Year, and big troubles become tiny problems, because when too good is too bad.
  • If you are skiing on asph alt, and the goal is not getting closer, then waiting for a snowfall is not an option, it is better to change your shoes. I wish you decisive and active actions towards your dream in the coming year of the Earth Pig.
  • Hello from Santa Claus! Always bloom like a May rose! May wishes come true, only for joy and without punishment!
  • Set the table quickly!
    The New Year has already arrived!
    I hasten to congratulate you! So that you could rule the Pig!
  • I want the Pig to bring you a wagon of gold, good luck and a little trouble so that you understandhow happy!
  • I wish this year to be better than all the previous ones! Take from life everything that Pig agrees to give! Just don't pay with nerves!
  • I wish you special worries in the New Year, happy, exciting, anxious. Such as you wanted, such as you dreamed of, be strong, New Year - it won't be long to wait for happiness!
  • Do not regret the old year,
    The new one is on the threshold!
    It will heal all grievances,
    it will take away worries!
    Let the world around be renewed,fulfilling all desires suddenly!

In any of these short messages, you can add a name, kind words, some special details and accents that only you know about. Take a moment of attention and please dear people not with a template, but with your personal New Year's wish.

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