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According to astrologers, the retrograde of celestial bodies always causes disturbances in those areas for which each of them is responsible. Therefore, before making important decisions, it is advisable to study the movement of the pretrograde planets in 2023 in order to know the possible consequences and risks. It must be remembered that during this period, not only failures await a person, this is a time for reflection and making important decisions.

The concept of retrograde

From time to time the planets, according to astrologers, change the direction of movement to the opposite. In fact, each planet continues to move around the Sun in the usual order in its orbit, but to an observer from the Earth it seems that the direction has changed to the opposite, the movement has slowed down or even stopped. The reason for this is the different speed with which celestial bodies revolve around the Sun, as well as the peculiarities of constructing a natal chart.

This process is called the retrograde motion of the planets. It consists of three phases:

  1. Stationary. The movement of the celestial body appears to be slow or stopped.
  2. Actually retrograde. Celestial body reverses direction.
  3. Second Stationary. The planet resumes normal motion with the usualspeed.

Any of the celestial bodies of the Solar System can change the direction of its movement: personal planets, affecting everyone individually (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) andexternal, affecting everything that surrounds a person (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).

Human impact

The process of reverse movement strengthens the influence of the planet due to the fact that the house located in the twelfth position from this planet is involved in the process. Therefore, the impact of the retrograde loop is felt in almost all aspects of life:

    • diseases worsen;
    • changing emotional mood;
    • plans are broken;
    • unexpected obstacles arise;
    • risk of accidents increases.

    Even with the favorable position of the planet, a person is not immune from failures. Therefore, it is important to start any planning with determining the retrograde periods of the planet that is responsible for the desired area of life.

    Table of retrograde planets for 2023:

    Date 01.01 12.01 18.01 22.01 21.04 01.05 15.05 17.06 30.06 23.07 23.08 29.08 04.09 15.09 11.10 04.11 06.12 13.12 31.12 01.01



    Influence of individual planets

    The movement of the planets has a serious impact on human life. During a retrograde movement, this effect is not so open, but this does not cease to be palpable.


    Mercury retrograde happens three times a year, in 2023 - four times. Activates all external factors that affect daily life. Disorder of feelings, difficulties, destruction of plans arise. Do not make serious decisions, make significant transactions. The period is suitable for mental work, scientific research, writing books. Spiritual practices, introspection are recommended.


    The planet is responsible for the emotional state, the sphere of love, beauty, sexuality and creativity. Finances and spending also depend on its influence. Therefore, Venus retrograde significantly affects the entire sphere of personal life, including emotional state, family and sexual relationships, and external attractiveness.

    When Venus retrogradeit is not recommended to plan a marriage, divorce, make serious decisions in terms of business, career, finances, major acquisitions. However, this period is suitable for reviewing and reassessing business ties, planning future financial investments.


    It happens retrograde once every two years for 70-80 days. The warlike planet is responsible for the spheres of life associated with forceful influence, wars and conflicts. Retrograde Mars leads to the violation of all plans and deeds, moreover, actions develop in the opposite direction.

    Large new projects, risks, increased physical activity should be avoided. Do not waste energy, it is better to continue unfinished business. Increased emotionality, conflicts are possible. Increases the likelihood of accidents, injuries, burns.


    It changes direction once a year, for a period of approximately 120 days. Responsible for relationships with others, education and science. It does not change the general course of affairs, but it is better not to plan a move, long trips, major transactions for this time. It is recommended to engage in the spiritual sphere, introspection, strengthen character. Possible communication difficulties, mood variability.


    Saturn retrograde lasts about five months each year. Requires the completion of all cases, otherwise there will be no progress. It is recommended to do planning, strategizing. Difficulties, material losses and failures are possible. It will take a lot of patience to complete the work started earlier.You should not change jobs, move, strive to change something in creativity, the public sphere.


    The reverse movement of Uranus (this happens annually and lasts five months) causes a sudden disruption of the way of life, habitual affairs, the likelihood of natural disasters and unusual incidents increases. Increases intuition, the ability to express themselves, to rise to a new spiritual level.

    You can not resist the new, lie and be hypocritical. You can take up tourism, travel, design risky activities, try something that has always caused fear.


    Happens retrograde five months annually. Enhances everything related to the subconscious, psychic abilities, the gift of divination. It is considered the planet of unfulfilled desires and illusions, but with its retrograde movement, you can get rid of prejudices, magically realize your dreams.


    The reverse movement of Pluto is observed every year for five months. A period of deep transformation, a return to unfinished business, a search for the meaning of life. Forces to turn to the issues of interpersonal relationships, relationships with higher and lower people. It is possible to easily get rid of everything superfluous, from unloved work, to find happiness.

    Changing the direction of the planets should not be taken as a prerequisite for failures, problems and stagnation in business. This period creates difficulties if you do not make attempts to change your life, do not try to deeply analyze andimprove yourself. In a word, it is necessary to look for new solutions without repeating past mistakes.

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