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The wedding ceremony invokes God's blessing on a family union, on the birth of children, on spiritual growth, so those who get married need to approach it with great responsibility. To do this, they need to know what days they can go down the aisle, how to prepare.

When weddings are allowed in 2023, you can find out in the Orthodox wedding calendar. The calendar changes every year, as the date depends on the days of the week, church holidays (moving, non-moving), fasting.

Who can go down the aisle

In Orthodox Christians, wedding marriage is considered true, real, because it is in heaven. Married spouses believe that the Almighty will protect their family, that even after death they will be together. The main conditions for the wedding - both must be baptized and have a marriage certificate issued by the registry office. Marriage registration is required to rule out bigamy.

Restrictions for the ceremony:

    • blood or spiritual relationship;
    • sex change by one of the spouses;
    • under 18;
    • woman over 60, man over 70;
    • do not terminate official marriage with other people;
    • voted celibacy;
    • not passed the ritebaptism;
    • incapacity;
    • belonging to a different faith, atheistic beliefs;
    • more than three marriages, three divorces;
    • marriage is not registered in the registry office.

    Pregnant women are allowed to marry - according to the Christian faith, children should be born in a spiritual marriage. The wedding will also be held if the parental blessing is not received - it will be replaced by the blessing of the spiritual father.

    The final decision on the wedding is made by the priest after considering the situation. Sometimes, due to certain circumstances, exceptions to the rules are allowed. For example, a non-Orthodox Christian will be allowed to get married if children born in marriage are baptized in Orthodoxy.

    Wedding date - how to choose

    To decide on the date, you need to find out when the church conducts the ceremony, when it is forbidden to do so. You can combine registration with a wedding, but it is better to get married after a few years to test your feelings.

    Days when the wedding ceremony is not performed:

    • Tuesday, Thursday - wedding night should not fall on the one-day fast of Wednesday and Friday;
    • Saturday - believers spiritually prepare for Sunday service, dedicate the night to God, and the newlyweds have completely different desires in their thoughts;
    • Happy Easter;
    • eve of the twelfth, great, patronal temple holidays (temple holidays in each temple are different), the holidays themselves;
    • Cheese week, continuation of Christmas time and Bright (Easter) week;
    • fasting periods: Great (7 weeks before Easter), Petrov(tied to the date of Easter, lasts 8-42 days), Assumption (14.08-27.08), Christmas (28.11-06.01);
    • eves and days of strict one-day fasts: Beheading of John the Baptist (September 11), Ex altation of the Holy Cross (September 27);
    • Shrovetide holiday.

    The existing rules are dictated not by superstition, but by discipline, church orders. In special cases, exceptions may be made by the ruling bishop.

    Traditionally, the wedding ceremony is performed:

    • on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday;
    • on the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos (October 14), the days of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (July 21 and November 4), if they do not fall on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday;
    • to Krasnaya Gorka (the first Sunday after Easter).

    Wedding calendar for 2023

    Total wedding days in 2023 - 116 (marked in pink on the calendar). Most of them are in May, July, September, October, November.

    How to prepare for a wedding

    You need to prepare spiritually for the wedding: pray, observe a three-day fast, giving up all dairy, meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, smoking. You should also refrain from intimacy, various kinds of entertainment.

    To get married clean, renewed, without sins, on the eve of the wedding day, they must undergo a confession procedure. After midnight on the day of the Sacrament, they do not take food until the ceremony, because they will need to take communion, having tasted church bread and wine.

    For the ceremony, choose the church wherecomfortable, cozy, blessed, like the priest. They sign up for the ceremony in advance, and discuss all the moments related to its conduct with the priest. Also, two guarantors are selected in advance, the role of which is not suitable for unbaptized, divorced spouses living in a "civil" marriage, who have not lived a family life.

    What is needed for the ceremony:

    • wedding rings - they are given in advance for consecration;
    • wedding candles;
    • icons depicting Jesus and the Virgin;
    • white towel;
    • handkerchiefs to hold candles.

    The decision to get married must be taken deliberately, remembering that the union of two lives takes place before God and for life. The diocese gives permission for debunking only in special cases related to serious life situations.

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