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We create the magic of the New Year mainly by our own efforts. Children begin to understand that a holiday is coming not only by what we talk about it, but by the beginning of the New Year's fuss. That is, no matter how much you say that the matinee will soon be fun, the kids begin to feel their involvement in the event when it comes to preparing New Year's costumes and outfits.

But, a beautiful New Year's dress for a girl is not all. Here you need to think about all the nuances so that the beauty feels like a real princess. Hairstyle plays a very important role. Especially for those with long hair.

  • A bit about short hair
  • Christmas hairstyles for girls with medium hair
  • Kids hairstyles for long hair

Girls with short haircuts are much easier. They put their hair, picked up an elegant headband or hairpins - and you're done. Much more room for creativity opens up if the curls reach (or go below) the shoulders.

Christmas hairstyles for medium hair

The first step is to think about the practicality of your idea. The girl will play, dance, move.Therefore, the curls must be fixed so as not to spoil the masterpiece at the beginning of the holiday. Varnish, which helps adult women maintain a spectacular appearance, is not recommended. The child will feel constrained, which means that he will not receive any pleasure from the holiday.

And then what to think? You can start with curling. Beautiful curls have never spoiled anyone's appearance. If they get mixed up during games, it's okay. A couple of movements with a brush, and again the order.

Children's New Year's hairstyles based on ponytails, fixed with thin elastic bands, look very beautiful and elegant. With their help, you can divide the entire hair into “sectors”, and then weave it together with one braid or tail.

Mid-length hair can be left loose, beautiful with just one element, such as a braid styled like a hoop.

Straight curls can be styled in a complex bun, decorating it with a natural or artificial braid.

Asymmetrical hairstyles look very impressive and elegant. With her girls will feel like an elegant lady.

And, of course, do not forget about ordinary braids. They can be started in different places on the head, then interlacing the curls so that you get a real masterpiece.

Baby hairstyles for long hair

Long hair, give moremore possibilities in New Year's hairstyles. They can be curled and left loose, which, of course, is beautiful, but not very comfortable.

But creating voluminous braids from long hair is a spectacular and festive option. Yes, and ordinary thin braids of often curls will help create a wonderful mood and fix the rest of the hair. If you decide to braid thin pigtails, then fix them with gel or varnish. So they do not get disheveled in the first minutes of the matinee.

Various weaves of braids also do not lose their festive relevance. This technique always indicates the high taste of the "hostess" styling.

Excellent, as always, harnesses look. They give the girl a special charm and style. Moreover, to make them, with skill, can be flirtatious or daring. Depending on the type of hair, plaits can be combined with both a ponytail and a braid.

Romantic natures are advised not to forget about the beauty of an ordinary knot. Such a New Year's hairstyle can be decorated with a twisted braid or an elegant hairpin. Curly curls in this case will create a beautiful halo around the face, and straight ones - a wonderful festive order.

Which one to choose for a girl is a matter of taste. Do not forget that the main thing is not the dress and hair styling, the main thing is that the young lady should really enjoy the holiday!


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