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The broad Russian soul will not be frightened by the abundance of holidays. The custom of celebrating the Old New Year and gathering again at the festive table, giving gifts, congratulating relatives and friends exists not only in Russia, but also in many other countries.

There are many ideas for original congratulations - read, be inspired and express yourself in creativity.

In this article:

    • SMS congratulations,
    • New Year's humor in verse,
    • funny congratulations in prose,
    • wishes to loved ones, friends, family, colleagues.

    Short SMS in verse - a piece of soul in a smartphone

    The easiest and fastest way to congratulate friends, colleagues, numerous relatives and acquaintances is to send New Year's SMS greetings. And if you don’t want the congratulation to look banal, do it in poetic form. Here are some examples.

    Let the Old New Year bring
    Pleasant thoughts round dance.Congratulations on a wonderful fairy tale,Good luck, joy and happiness!
    New Year, which is called Old
    People love everything for a reason.
    Let your holiday be juicy,
    Happiness - full and indefinite. Congratulations on double two,New Year's Eve has entered into force!
    Let the old givenew year
    Success, good luck and he alth, Cart of happiness, money cart, Bag of dreams and love.
    On reindeer Santa Claus brought the Old New Year.
    May untold we alth - peace, goodness, love and happiness You will be covered with your head, money flows into the house like a river, great success will come to life!
    Old New Year will get,
    Let it be on a golden platter,Emerald, bright year,Happiness is eight hundred tons!
    Let success prevail,
    And easily organize,
    This Old New Year,
    Just a festive offspring: Money, happiness, mood And miracles touch!
    The Old New Year is here,
    For you, my friend, it will come.
    There will be a holiday to have fun,
    Let everything come true! May this year be fulfilled!
    The old new year is in a hurry,
    May it reward you! Happiness, bright mood! Stunning luck!
    Hello, Old New Year!
    Another holiday at the gates.
    I heartily congratulate you, I wish you happiness, joy.

    Let the old year go away,
    And the coming year will bring
    Happiness, joy and success. We congratulate everyone together.

    Here comes the Old New Year
    Joy brings us again.
    Meeting again, ringing laughter! Joy and success await us!

    Noise again, feast again,
    Jokes, dancing and expanse.
    This is the Old New Year Happiness, joy brings home.

    It's dark outside the window
    The table has been laid for a long time.
    It's the Old New Year It's coming soon to visit us.

    We make a wish:
    He alth and prosperity to everyone
    Let it bringThis old new year.

    Congratulations, friends,
    We can't help but celebrate
    This Old New Year, What happiness will bring us.

    What will bring
    This Old New Year?
    Joy, happiness and success! Congratulations again!

    Congratulations again to you
    And we wish you this hour
    Live without sadness and worries This Old New Year.

    The holiday is coming again,
    Everything is ready on the table.
    We are ready to celebrate - To celebrate the Old New Year.

    We opened the champagne,
    We poured it into glasses.
    We will celebrate again - Celebrate the Old New Year!

    The Christmas tree was decorated again
    And we invited the guests,
    The chimes are heard here - Hello, Old New Year!

    Here the chimes strike again.
    We will celebrate again,
    Holiday - Old New Year - May happiness bring you.

    The Christmas tree was not removed,
    We did not sleep again at night.
    We are getting ready again To celebrate the Old New Year.

    You can show your imagination and compose something of your own - sincere or funny. It is unlikely that such a message will want to be deleted immediately after reading. Most likely, it will continue to walk around the world, and will please many more people.

    Cool short congratulations 2023

    The Old New Year is a fun holiday, and comic, mischievous, funny congratulations are more appropriate on this day than ever. They can be in verse, in prose, and among people with a good sense of humor go with a bang.

    Poems for the Old New Year

    Two weeks flew by,
    Hello again, New Year.
    Holidays are hard,
    But let's say a toast to the Old One.
    Here's a herring under a fur coat
    And Olivier's salad. are you with a cotton beard
    Our hunchbacked sommelier?

    The old new year is in full swing,
    Grandfather hurries to the light,
    Brings good luck to every house, Money full of money.

    Let life pass brightly
    And the table will be plentiful.
    There is happiness, he alth tomorrow Pickle will fix us all.

    Happy Old New Year
    I hasten to congratulate you clearly
    And I wish to finish the marathon Champagne, vodka.

    To feel that life is beautiful.
    But you can't fall asleep in a salad.
    Santa Claus will suddenly come to visit, We must take him on our chest.

    Ladies all around - Snow Maidens,
    And fun in full growth.
    Good luck, love, good luck, Happiness, fulfillment of dreams.

    Accept congratulations,
    Old New Year with respect,
    Came to us for a light And not weakly entertained!

    I wish this moment!
    To make happiness straight away
    Without any twists,
    Would raid: To work, to your home!

    Let it rush in a straight line!
    Let fate give the order! Bring luck to you!

    This Old New Year
    Coming soon to us!
    I wish only that That's a hundred percent,

    Bring success and the sea
    Joy, luck soon!
    To make this year glow, To say goodbye to adversity

    Once and for all, and so that
    No anger in my soul,
    With peace in my heart and kindness, I wish you day after day!

    I walk confidently,
    Youwalk with a cheerful note!
    On the ground, conquering everyone, Making all dreams come true!

    Work has just begun -
    Go to Fedot -
    So it's time to walk again - Celebrate the Old New Year!

    We got the champagne,
    The tablecloths were laid again.
    We are ready, let it go Visit the Old New Year!

    We wish you again, friends
    Laughter, great happiness to you.
    Let joy bring you This Old New Year.

    Raise our glasses again,
    So that the desire arises
    See us more often, here, This Old New Year.

    Wishes in prose

    I congratulate you on the Old New Year. I wish that a second wind opens and helps to master Olivier's basin, make an extraordinary wish, fulfill the most daring dream, take out the Christmas tree before May 1 and throw away, like a suitcase without a handle, everything that slows down and does not allow moving forward.

    Let all the champagne bubbles merge into a big balloon, lift you above the ordinary and help you feel that life is the best gift. And if from a bird's eye view you plan your face right into the salad, then the holiday was a success. Happy Old New Year!Let the Old New Year make happiness new, and problems so old that their fatal outcome will become inevitable.I wish the Old New Year to give you the opportunity to live on one salary, which will put you in first place on the Forbes list.

    Old New Year greetings in prose for family, loved ones, friends and colleagues

    Beautiful, kind words in prose are no less pleasant thanpoetic. Especially if close people know that you do not have a poetic gift. You can come up with your own wish, or you can cheat a little and use one of the ready-made congratulations on the Old New Year.


    My beloved family, I congratulate you on the Old New Year. May joyful thoughts, deeds and worries await in the coming year, energy overflows, dreams come true, plans come true and the feeling of happiness does not leave. Together we will overcome any difficulties, and if miracles do not happen, we will create them ourselves.

    Dear Mom, may the Old New Year fulfill everything that you thought of on New Year's Eve. May your life be rich and harmonious, happiness will forever settle in the house, children bring only joy, and faith in miracles lives in your soul.Dad, you have successfully played the role of Santa Claus for many years, and now we congratulate you on the Old New Year. We wish you to be successful, he althy and strong. Let this magical night bring a good mood for the whole year. We love you, be happy.Son, may the Old New Year fulfill all your cherished desires, life gives only joyful events, happiness will become a constant companion, and good luck follows you on your heels. Success is not accidental, strive for the goal and everything will work out for you.Dear daughter, the Old New Year will surely bring you a sea of vivid emotions, happy moments, love and joy. Let all the bad things go away, and the good ones multiply, and unbending faith in success will lead you to your cherished goal.

    For your loved ones

    My beloved, congratulations on a magical holiday - the Old New Year. Let the comingthe year will weave our destinies together, give us many joyful moments, teach us to appreciate what we have, and not to chase ghostly luck. After all, happiness is near, it is in you and in me.

    Beloved, I wish the Old New Year to open up new opportunities for you and completely dissolve all the old sorrows and sad thoughts. We have a long and happy life ahead of us. Be beautiful, young and immensely charming.

    For friends

    My reliable and faithful friend, Happy Old New Year to you. Let the plans come true, life goes positively, the beloved woman understands and appreciates, material problems do not burden with their presence, and he alth and mood will always be on top.

    My friend, my most sincere little man, the Old New Year is a magical time for the fulfillment of all desires. I wish you love, happiness, joyful discoveries, new experiences and justified expectations. May the mood be wonderful all year long.

    For colleagues

    Dear colleagues, I congratulate you on a wonderful winter holiday - the Old New Year. I want to wish that income pleases, a career grows rapidly, love and happiness reigned in families, the mood is positive, actions are productive, holidays are gorgeous!

    Colleague, let the Old New Year holiday allow you to relax, get away from everyday routine and switch to a positive wave. May all tasks be feasible. Work brings joy, money and a sense of deep satisfaction.Do not forget to congratulate everyone who is dear to you on the Old New Year 2023 so that this holiday is joyful and kind.

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