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New Year holidays are the time to send and receive parcels with gifts and pleasant surprises, so it is especially important to find out in advance how the mail will be organized on the New Year holidays of 2023 in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities.

Schedule December 31, 2023

The outgoing 2023 will end on Saturday, December 31st. For most people, this will be a non-working day, because it falls on the weekend, but according to tradition, all post offices will work on the eve of the holiday.

Important! Since 12/31/22 is a pre-holiday day, all post offices will receive citizens, but on a reduced schedule!

To understand exactly how the post office closest to your home will work, just clarify what schedule the post office works on ordinary days:

    • if certain reception hours are set, then on the 31st, the post office will close 1 hour earlier than usual;
    • 24-hour mail service will serve customers until 21:00.

    Important! According to the established post office schedule, no branch will work directly on the New Year holidays of 2023, namely (from 21:00 December 31, 2023 to 10:00 January 1, 2023).

    Work of regular branches

    MostPost offices located in cities, towns and villages operate according to a specific work schedule. Reception hours in each branch are set depending on the workload of the mail and the number of operators working at the site.

    You can find out the standard work schedule of the post office closest to you by visiting it at any convenient time or by looking at the official website of the regional representative, where information about the work schedule and telephone numbers of all public service points should be provided. You can also get information in the mobile application or on the official website .

    Important! If the post office is not a 24-hour post office, then it will definitely be closed on January 1 and 2, 2023!

    But from Tuesday 01/02/23, mail will resume in full and will continue in January 2023 according to the usual schedule.

    The day off for employees of such post offices will also be Christmas 07.01.23.

    Work of round-the-clock branches

    In large metropolitan areas, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, postal work is possible around the clock, but such post offices will also interrupt their work for a short time - their employees will also have a rest on the New Year holidays of 2023 and will celebrate the holiday with their families, and not in the workplace.

    So, on December 31, all 24-hour customer service points will close at 21:00 to resume receiving citizens again on January 1, 2023 at 10:00.

    There will be no other changes and from the first day of 2023 mail will resume as usualmode, so that everyone can congratulate relatives and friends on holidays with a postcard or a nice present in the format of a parcel.

    Services Provided

    It is worth considering that the work of the mail on the New Year holidays of 2023 will be full and not only in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Any branch during business hours will provide services such as:

    • sending or receiving correspondence, parcels, online orders;
    • payment of utility bills;
    • issuing a pension;
    • acquisition of various goods (especially important for small towns and villages);
    • home delivery;
    • subscription to publications, etc.


    If you want to please friends or relatives with a gift for the New Year, it is worth evaluating the pros and cons. On the eve of the holidays, the load on post offices increases significantly and operators do not always have time to process incoming parcels in a timely manner. At the same time, if the parcel is not delivered on December 31, 2023, then in most regions it will be possible to receive it only starting from January 3, 2023. It is also worth considering that warehouse workers will also be given days off on New Year's holidays, so the logistics of deliveries will also change slightly and parcels may be delayed in warehouses longer than usual.

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