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New Year is the best occasion to get yourself in order from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, including on your feet. Just painting your nails with a plain varnish or doing a real New Year's pedicure is a personal matter for every girl. But, choosing the last option and open-toe shoes, you can show off an unusual nail art on a festive night and definitely not go unnoticed. And if you don’t have to demonstrate an exquisite pedicure, then, from the knowledge that it is, your walk will become easier, your eyes will shine brighter and life will seem more beautiful.

Home pedicure salon

To give your favorite feet a New Year's gift in the form of a beautiful pedicure, it is not necessary to carve out time and money for salon procedures in the pre-holiday bustle. It is enough to give yourself a couple of hours one evening.

Time will pass with benefit and pleasure if you prepare everything in advance, turn on pleasant music and ask your family not to disturb you. You will need:

  • basin or foot bath,
  • sea s alt or liquid soap,
  • towel, nourishing cream,
  • pumice stone or foot grater,
  • pedicurescissors and wire cutters,
  • orange stick,
  • varnish base,
  • nail polish remover,
  • varnishes themselves,
  • Decor elements and tools for their application.

Tools means glue for false nails, tweezers, special thin brushes for nail art (they can be replaced with ordinary toothpicks). A good mood and confidence that everything will turn out just great will also come in handy.

The main colors and highlights of the New Year's pedicure

It is worth talking about varnishes and decorative elements and nail design in more detail. New Year's pedicure should be bright, festive, spectacular, but not monophonic. You can use several multi-colored varnishes at the same time, paint your nails with acrylic paints, decorate with sparkles, rhinestones, beads, fimo.

Keep pink, purple, beige and brown tones for everyday life. Let the New Year explode in rich green, blue, red combined with gold or silver. You can use white as the basis for the drawing, and black for dark skin.

This is a theory, but in practice the algorithm of actions looks like this:

  • steam your feet in warm water,
  • apply nourishing cream,
  • clean everything that is cleaned with a pumice stone or grater
  • push back cuticles and trim everything that gets trimmed
  • to file your nails into a square shape,
  • rinse your feet andapply cream again,
  • after half an hour, remove excess cream,
  • degrease nails with nail polish remover,
  • apply base coat and base coat.

After making sure that the varnish is dry, you can start decorating. Draw themed New Year's pictures with a brush or toothpick tip, stick rhinestones with tweezers and create your own works of art around them. If there is no artistic talent at all, use fimo plates, stars or other foil stickers. And for inspiration - a photo selection of original New Year's pedicure ideas.

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