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Angel Day or name day is relevant for all Orthodox Christians of the world. It is this day that is considered the birthday of the soul, which is much more important for a believer than the moment the body appears in the mortal world. The body ages and weakens over time, while the soul becomes purer, better and closer to God. The dates of the name day in 2023 can be found in this article.

Name day of the year

When choosing a name, it is not recommended to use outdated Orthodox calendars, since in 2000 a large Bishops' Council was held. During it, new martyrs and confessors were added to the calendar, whose names do not appear in the calendars of previous editions.

This article provides updated current name day dates in 2023.


Name days in January 2023 are indicated for all days except January 7 and 19. This is due to the fact that the rite of baptism was not performed on these big holidays.


The “empty” day for the name day in February 2023 remains the 15th.


There are no "blank" days for men this month, but 12 days have no female options. In this case, you need to look at the coming days.


Traditionally, there are certain dates for female names.


11 dates remain blank for girls. You can think of male names in female form.


There are both Old Slavonic names and modern ones. Increasingly, young parents are turning to rare and original ones, leaving aside the familiar ones.


For men this month, one date is empty - July 24, and for women - 8 dates.


Here you can pick up a large number of options with strong guardian angels.


The calendar has beautiful names for both genders.


This month has traditionally seen many newborns, and this trend continued throughout the fall. This was due to the fact that women were more pregnant during the winter, when there was less field work.


All dates for men are filled in, but the column for women remains empty 9 times.


15 days girls need to select alternatives, as they remain unfilled. With boys, this situation was only once in December.

How to choose

Name day or Angel's Day - this is how the Slavs called the day on which the Orthodox soul was born. Choice made easy"Saints" - a book where all the saints were inscribed in chronological order by year. In another book - "Imenoslov" - they are in alphabetical order. Depending on which saint the baby was named after, it was determined who would be his protection throughout his life.

Dates when there are no options for a certain gender do not mean that the newborn will be left without patronage and name days. There are alternative ways to determine when to honor your saint.

By baptism

This option was even more welcomed by the church, since the physical birth is less significant for Christians than the celebration of bringing a newborn to God. Name days can be timed to coincide with the sacrament of baptism and honor the saints who are listed on this date.

According to the icon

If several options are suitable, and they are equally liked, then choose the one whose icon is in the visited temple. Near it, a person's prayer will have the greatest power. On a name day, you should always go to her and light a candle.

Plus week

It was believed that a baby in poor he alth was in dire need of a protector, so such children were baptized as early as possible. Their name day often came immediately after birth in order to enlist the support of the saint, to whom they would turn with prayer. From the day of birth, it was allowed to wait no more than a week.

40 days

This time is considered special for Christians, so they tried to baptize he althy children during this period. According to the date of the ceremony, the saint was also selected.

How to identifyname day

For many decades, children were named without reference to church traditions. But that doesn't mean they don't have birthdays. You need to choose in the "Saints" the date with the saint with the same name, closest to your birth, it will be the name day.

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