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Do you know what is the coolest thing about the New Year holiday? His extraordinary magical aura. It just so happened, people believe that this is the time of miracles! They are waiting for them, sincerely believing in the possibility of the most unexpected and wonderful events. And in order to attract this wonderful energy to themselves, they themselves become a little magicians and naughty.

  • Magic of mystery.
  • Buy or make?
  • Do-it-yourself carnival mask.
  • Photos and patterns of masks for children and adults.

And how can you bring magic into the routine of a gray day? It has long been invented, and is still used today. This is why masks were made. They allow this magical night to change, turn into another person or creature.

New Year's masks attract both children and adults. This does not mean that people of all ages hide from reality. They simply fulfill the dream of being someone else, of becoming mysterious and beautiful (or terrible, whatever you like). After all, together with a different guise, you can try on a different character, line of behavior, fate. And there, stroking, life will beginmake turns and get better.

Make or buy?

The main thing here is the goal. Why do you need a carnival mask? What do you want to get by wearing it? If you scare your friends, then you are in a specialized store. There is nothing there! Any Dracula can be portrayed from himself. If the child wants to be a fox or a teddy bear, then you can go shopping, or cut out a cardboard face yourself.

Those who want to add mystery to themselves, and even unleash their creativity, can make a real carnival mask with their own hands. It's not difficult and interesting. Moreover, the hand-made product will be exclusive. After all, it can be made perfect for both the New Year's outfit and the occasion.

Carnival mask making workshop

What you need:

  • game dough (also called modeling mass);
  • scissors, paper;
  • pattern (you can find them at the end of the article);
  • any plastic face shape;
  • acrylic paints;
  • sequins, beads, feathers, rhinestones for decoration.

First you need to make a template out of paper. Then put it on a thinly rolled mass for modeling. Often, it is difficult to find a mass of white color, it does not matter, you can use color. You can roll it out with a regular rolling pin. The thickness of the layer should be 3-4 mm.

Then, with a sharp mock-up knife, cut the layer according to the pattern.

Overlaywhat happened on the form and wait for complete drying 9usually 12-24 hours depending on the temperature. Do not dry the product near the battery - it may be deformed.

Don't forget to make holes for the rope.

After the New Year's mask has dried, you can paint it with acrylic paints.

Decorate with a pattern of mass for modeling, glue crystals and rhinestones.

You can decorate it with feathers on top.

Christmas carnival mask is ready! Below you will find photos and patterns of children's and adult models. Happy New Year!

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