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Celebrating the Korean New Year 2023 will bring many tourists from all over the world to the country, as the ancient traditions of this event are of interest to connoisseurs of the culture of the East. New Year in Korea is called Seollal and is considered the most popular family holiday. The celebrations last 3 days. At this time, the work of official institutions stops.

When Korean New Year is celebrated

This event is celebrated 2 times. First time - by analogy with the whole world from December 31 to January 1. Second time - according to the lunar calendar. In this case, the date of the celebration is related to the winter solstice and the phases of the moon, so every year it changes, but falls between the end of January and the beginning of February. To find out what day the Korean New Year will fall on in 2023, you need to look at the lunar calendar and look at the date of the 1st new moon after the winter solstice.

Preparation for the celebration starts a couple of weeks in advance and contains the following steps:

    • Buy special food for the festive table, gifts and tickets for New Year's events.
    • All family members come to the parental home, jointly clean up and decorate the premises for the holiday.
    • Traditional outfits are being prepared.

    Severaldecades ago, Sollal was celebrated for 2 weeks - from one new moon to the next. However, this adversely affected the economic situation, so the holiday weekend was reduced to 3 days. This proved to be sufficient for visiting relatives and various events.

    Korean New Year Traditions

    For the people of Korea, the family plays a major role. Therefore, the New Year is an occasion to communicate with close relatives. People dress in beautiful outfits, prepare traditional dishes, and perform rituals dedicated to their ancestors. The rooms are decorated with "pokchori", a sieve made of rice straw. Koreans believe that these attributes attract love, good luck and prosperity to the house. Shoes are removed because of the belief that ghosts roam the earth before the holiday, which can take away shoes. Therefore, to protect the house from evil spirits, they fumigate the premises with smoke, setting fire to cotton and chili seeds for this. It is not customary to put up a Christmas tree.

    Traditions include dressing up residents in traditional festive clothes - hanboks. When choosing the color of such clothes, Koreans take into account the symbol of the coming year. So they try to earn his favor.

    Unfortunately, every year fewer people adhere to this tradition, only the older generation uses outfits, young people consider such clothes old-fashioned.

    Stages of celebrating the New Year in Korea

    In any family the holiday begins with a ritual dinner called “chkhare”. Its purpose is to pay tribute to the memory and respect of the ancestors. To do this, cooked food is placed on a specialan altar that everyone has. There are also placed tablets on which the names of the dead are written. Koreans believe that this is how they show the departed ancestors the way home. Incense is placed and set on fire in the room. During the ritual, all family members take turns bowing to the portraits of their ancestors, as if inviting them to dinner. At the same time, you need to “invite” at least 4 generations. After that, the whole family moves to another room.

    In the second step the younger members of the family pay their respects to the elders. This ritual is called "sabe". Young people approach their parents and other older relatives, thank them and bow. Elderly members of the family thank for the kind words and present the youth with sweets and money. This is a mandatory event. In order not to miss the ritual, Koreans who live many kilometers from home come to their homeland for the Seollal holiday.

    On the last 3rd day of the New Year holidays, Koreans take a break from the holiday, share their goals for the next year with their families, sum up the past year, and analyze achievements. Outsiders are not invited on this day.

    What is customary to give in the Korean New Year

    For the Seollal holiday, Koreans try to prepare expensive gifts. It can be both solid sums of money, and expensive items and things, as well as sets of products and fruits. When presenting a gift, parting words and useful tips are sure to sound. Young people prefer to give practical gifts. At the same time, it is believed that the packaging is no less important than the contents.present.

    Sollal is celebrated not only by the inhabitants of this country. Tourists come from all over the world to study the traditions of this holiday and plunge into its atmosphere. For example, it is considered a great success to see the moon on this day or to meet the first rays of the sun on the sea coast. To do this, you should clarify on what date the Korean New Year will fall in 2023 and go to celebrate this holiday in the cities of the east coast - Donghae or Gangneung. However, tourists should take into account that shops, museums, temples will be closed for 3 days, so products should be purchased in advance, and it will not be possible to visit historical sites on holidays.

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