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In educational institutions, the tradition of holding alumni meetings has been preserved for many years, and in 2023 the celebration is scheduled for February 4th. Despite the unofficial status of the event, the holiday is steadily preserved by all generations of former classmates, students.


There are several versions of the appearance of the graduates' holiday. Many consider the origins of the ritual meeting of graduates of the University of Bologna, the first in Europe. The baton of the oldest educational institution in Italy of the 11th century was continued by graduates of Oxford and Paris universities.

The first meetings were held by graduates of the Albertina University in Koenigsberg (modern Kaliningrad). Lyceum students of the 19th century wrote a bright page in the history of the celebration. Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin studied at the educational institution opened with the support of the Emperor. The ingenious lines of the poet conveyed the spirit of brotherhood that united the young men. The day of October 19, 1827, was a confirmation of a historic meeting, when the lyceum students seemed to pass the baton to a new set of students who began their studies.

In the Soviet years, the tradition of graduates to gather in February is associated with the period of student vacation after the winter session. Many students from large university cities went home.The desire to communicate with friends often united recent classmates whose life paths diverged.

Meeting at schools where former teachers rejoiced at the growth of their students, learned about how everyone's life is going. Gradually meetings have become an integral part of the life of not only schools, but also schools, colleges, institutes.

The organizers of large-scale events gathered graduates of different ages, whose memories reflected the history of the educational institution, helped current students to believe in themselves, the possibility of self-realization after graduation.

Deputies of the State Duma put forward an initiative to fix the Day of the meeting of graduates in the calendar officially. However, in practice, it is difficult for educational institutions to adapt to fixed dates. Many people hold rendezvous holidays when they honor veteran teachers or choose days that are convenient in the busy educational process. The celebrations have retained an informal character without state regulation. The first Saturday of February has remained a reliable guide for everyone who wants to remember their youth, years, students.


There are no single holiday scenarios, meetings are held both in small groups and whole teams, when the event is associated with the history of the organization, some significant event, for example, the anniversary of the school.

If the initiative comes directly from the graduates themselves, then former classmates, classmates meet in a restaurant, cafe, in nature, in someone's hospitable home. In an informal environment likeas a rule, they talk about the main events in their lives, ask about those who could not join the celebration of the meeting. In friendly communication, they certainly remember bright teachers who influenced the personal and professional development of graduates. Class teachers, group curators are often honored guests of impromptu evenings.

In educational institutions yesterday, meetings are being prepared long before the date of the event. They create working groups of initiative teachers, students, who write scripts, send out invitations, organize meetings of honored guests.

Events are held in the assembly halls of educational organizations, sometimes in the Palaces of Culture. Greetings, solemn speeches, performances of the guests of the evening, which alternate with concert numbers, performances on the themes of school and student years, sound from the stage. The atmosphere of the holiday, pleasant memories, joyful meetings awakens the desire to continue communication in an informal setting.


At alumni reunions, wherever former classes reunite, student groups recall funny stories that happened during the time of training. Emotions, feelings experienced in youth are stored in memory after many years.

A kind of highlight of the meeting are frank confessions of something that remained a mystery to others. Revealing children's or youthful secrets, reflections on long-past events is sometimes an unexpected surprise. Men confess their first love to classmates, teachers sometimesrepent of their mistakes, prejudices, and former students ask for forgiveness from teachers for teenage maximalism, thank for knowledge and sensitivity.

In the tradition of the holidays, to extract from the bins any gizmos that are memorable for everyone. Older people sometimes keep pioneer school ties, jointly created wall newspapers. Millennium alumni share rare photos of friends.

Meetings of graduates end with friendly wishes, promises of mutual support. When people are brought together by pleasant memories, they feel almost like family. Many resume interrupted communication, which they begin to especially cherish.

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