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Not a single New Year is complete without the beautiful Christmas Tree. Artificial or alive, big or small - it doesn't matter. The main thing is that the symbol should be present in the house, creating the mood of the holiday!

And of course, the most diverse types of creativity are embodied in green beauties. Let's try to make a sisal Christmas tree.

Sisal is a coarse natural plant fiber. It is often used to make rope. She's the one we'll need.

Tools and materials

  • sisal thick rope;
  • scissors;
  • wire;
  • pair of pliers (vice and drill preferred but not required);
  • dyes (more on them later);
  • decorative items to decorate the Christmas tree.

The rope is cut into pieces and disassembled into fibers.

After the sisal fibers have fluffed up enough, we lay them between the wire folded in half.

With scissors, carefully form the silhouette of the future Christmas tree.

Now the hard part. Ideally, you need one end of the wire (whereleg of the Christmas tree) clamp in a vice, and pick up the other end on a drill (a drill in the form of a hook is used). When the drill is turned on, the wire rotates around its axis and secures the sisal well and firmly.

If there is no such equipment, then this can be done manually. Clamping both ends of the wire with pliers and rotating them in different directions (this procedure will have to be done by two people).

Now it remains only to cut the tree from the disheveled sisal. And you can start painting.

You can color the finished Christmas tree by dipping it in a solution of water-soluble food coloring (which is also used for handmade soap). Or you can use shoe paint (if its colors allow), slightly diluted with alcohol. Easter egg dye can be used.

After the painting is finished, you need to decorate the product. Set on a stand, arrange in the form of a keychain or Christmas tree decoration. Or come up with something of your own - completely different and unique!

Happy creativity and Happy New Year!

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!