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New Year's holidays are connected, according to some people, with the "killing" of a living tree. Especially for them, artificial analogues of the festive tree have long been produced.

They have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's get to know them to make the right choice.


  • About modern models of Christmas trees
  • Pros of artificial beauty
  • Cons of using
  • Tips for choosing a Christmas tree

About the variety of models in 2023

Man-made trees differ in both quality and appearance. The most expensive and beautiful are cast products. Each branch is made in a special form, then assembled. It looks chic, in addition, such a tree will serve for a very long time. Only now the price of such a beauty "bites".

From budget analogues, you should pay attention to Christmas trees with a steel base. Their great variety. They differ in the material "needles". Some needles look like real ones, while others look like cut paper. By the way, they are all made of refractory plastic, so the quality is not lame. But it is recommended to askthe seller with certificates, because sometimes, under the guise of a good product, they can offer its paper counterpart.

This Christmas tree looks almost the same as plastic, only it burns like paper. And this, you know, is dangerous. And yet such a "masterpiece" can be used only a couple of times, then it loses its beautiful appearance.

The benefits of an artificial Christmas tree

  • Economy. The product can be purchased once, and you will get pleasure for many years. And every time you don’t have to look for a beauty. Taken out of the box, vacuumed and the decoration is ready for the holiday!
  • Practical. This tree, if you guessed it with quality, is unpretentious. You don't have to take care of him. We took advantage of its beauty and put it back in the box. Unless before the next holiday the dust will have to be brushed off. You don't have to sweep away fallen needles all the time.
  • Sustainability. By purchasing an artificial tree, you protect nature. In addition, a quality product will not cause allergies. It will not catch fire from a careless spark.
  • Variety. Now such Christmas trees are made the most diverse. From very tiny to huge. You can choose a model that fits perfectly into the interior, will not interfere and clutter up the space.

Cons of using an artificial Christmas tree

The plastic tree has fewer disadvantages than advantages. Of these, you can safely highlight the cost of a quality product. You will have to spend more than on a natural analogue. But you can use it for a very long time.

Some people are annoyed that a box with a Christmas tree has to be stored induring the year. It is convenient if the apartment has a pantry. Then it doesn't cause problems. And with a small space, you can buy an oversized model (or even use fashionable wall Christmas trees). When packed, it will take up no more space than an ordinary book. Here, perhaps, are all the shortcomings.

Why do you choose artificial tree?

    • It's a pity that they cut down the forest.
    • It's more profitable to buy it.

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    Some buying tips

    If you decide to buy an artificial Christmas tree, then buy it in a specialized store. So you win twice. There you will be offered a product that is balanced in price and quality without cheating, with all the certificates. In addition, if you take care of the purchase in advance, out of season, the price will pleasantly surprise you. We recommend that the most economical ones prepare a Christmas tree after the New Year holidays. Prices drop significantly when demand tapers off.

    When you begin to consider models, pay attention not only to the quality of the needles, but also to all sizes. You need to think about where to put the Christmas tree, whether the tree will fit into the space. Not only the height is important, but also the maximum diameter. So that it doesn’t turn out that everything is in order with the height, but the width of the purchase does not fit in the place defined for it.

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