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Mankind learns about the events of the past days from excavations, manuscripts, memoirs of contemporaries, that is, from any traces in history. It is a completely different matter with the future - what the coming times promise us, for example, the coming year 2023, no one will say. You can only speculate, make hypotheses. Many predictions of the saints, including the Matrona of Moscow, are still heard, they are trying to attribute specific dates to them, to give a modern interpretation. Some prophecies are transmitted verbatim, some are interpreted in their own way.

About Saint Matrona

Everything that does not fit into the framework of the usual and understandable attracts attention. This happened to Matrona, who was born on November 22, 1881 (according to other sources, in 1883 or 1885) in the village of Sebino, Tula province, in a large Nikonov family. Miracles began even before birth, when the mother dreamed that a bird with a human face and closed eyes sat on her chest. She considered this a sign from above, because she did not want this child - there were already three children. What he saw in a dream came true - a girl without eyeballs was born.

From childhood, a blind girl differed from other children in behavior, judgments, observations, and withAt the age of 7-8, she began to practice healing, curing the suffering in her village and surrounding villages. The rumor about miraculous abilities quickly spread around the district, and people from neighboring provinces began to come to her.

I didn’t do any special predictions, but I often saw upcoming events and warned those who could suffer about them. When she was 17 years old, her legs were taken away by a specially made, as she believed, slander.

Having lost the ability to move independently, she did not stop helping people and until her death she received up to 40 people daily, and prayed at night, asking God for healing for the suffering. According to eyewitnesses, the help consisted not only in the improvement of he alth, but also in guidance on the true path, turning to God. She did not take payment for her labors, considering her deeds to be God's work.

Matrona as a locally venerated saint of the Moscow diocese was canonized on 05/02/1999, and in 2004 she was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church.

About the prophecies of the Matrona of Moscow

The true gift of foresight is given to a few, therefore, special attention is riveted to those who have the ability to see the future. The Lord closed the eyes of Matronushka so that she could see spiritually. The eyewitnesses' memories of some prophecies have come down to us, but this is only a small part of them, since no one wrote down the sayings. She herself considered herself only a conductor of the words of the Lord, called to bring what she saw or heard to others.

As time passed, the predictions were overgrown with rumors, conjectures, and now it is difficult to tell the truth about this or that “word” with full confidence.No one can vouch for accuracy. Often the mother's statements were allegorical. And many events, even separated by time, correlated with these words.

One statement, which is also relevant for the present time, is literally written as follows: “There will be few believers, life will get worse and worse, the people will be under hypnosis. The time will come for a choice - a cross or bread. There will be many victims. Without war, everyone will lie on the ground; without war, war goes on. In the evening you will all be on the ground, and in the morning you will get up and everything will go underground.”

Interpretations of it vary, but they are quite comparable with the events taking place in the 21st century. For example, the word "hypnosis" can be understood as the World Wide Web of the Internet, which has a strong impact on the spiritual component of a person's life, turning away from good and pushing to the dark side. By the way, it is planned to introduce traffic control within the country in order to give censorship new opportunities, after 2023 mass production of base stations will begin.

The expression "cross and bread" also applies to many periods of human life. A person has always faced and faces a choice - to achieve prosperity by any, not always charitable ways, or to bear his cross with dignity and not complain about fate, to achieve everything with honest righteous deeds. Probably, the Holy Matrona wanted to say by this that believers do not have easy ways, that difficult times are coming and they will have to choose between faith in God and food.

If you explain the words about great victims, then indeed, there are millions of victims of Internet networks,those who choose "food" over "cross" are also millions. Most likely, by the victims she meant those who fell into the clutches of Satan, who deprives people of the Kingdom of Heaven.

With a phrase about the war, according to a number of experts, the seer voiced a situation when the whole world will take up arms against Russia, new weapons will be used and not necessarily physical ones, that humanity will suffer from an unknown disease. The coronavirus pandemic that began in 2023 is proof of this. Scientists cannot yet give an exact answer, how long it will last, what will be the period from 2023 to 2023. But they are sure that the virus will remain with the person.

According to others, the seer meant that humanity would fall morally, turning away from God. The only way to recover and rise spiritually, as she believed, was to return to the Lord, doing prayers and good deeds. Words about the fact that everyone will get up in the morning, everything will change, perhaps they just tell that the world will become better.

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Where Matrona is buried

The last prophecy was Matrona's message that in three days she would leave this world. And so it happened - on May 2, 1952, the seer died. To the question of how to continue to live without her, she gave the following answer: “… come to the grave, … I will help you and pray for you, as in my lifetime. Talk to me, trust me all your sorrows, I will see you and hear what I say to your soul, then do it. ”

She was buried in Moscow at the Danilovsky cemetery- she wanted to "hear the service". People from all over the world came to the grave with their requests, and in the chapel built in its place after the relics were transferred to the Intercession Monastery, services are still going on to this day. Now thousands of people come to venerate the relics of the saint every day.

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