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Fortune-telling has long been a favorite fun for the New Year and we offer you a selection of interesting and varied fortune-telling that you can try on New Year's Eve, meeting 2023 in the company or alone.

Tradition of New Year fortune-telling

Of course, our ancestors preferred to guess at Christmas time or at baptism, because these periods were considered the strongest in terms of the veracity of predictions. But even on New Year's Eve, you can try to look into the future, because this is a special night, undoubtedly endowed with strong energy.

It is worth noting that for the New Year 2023 there are three options for divination:

    • evening to help pass the pre-holiday evening on December 31;
    • midnight, which is resorted to at exactly 12:00, while the chimes are striking;
    • morning, which must be performed immediately after waking up.

    But at the same time, many universal divination techniques do not have a strict time frame. It is believed that you need to tell fortunes (guess) in the dark, and whether this time will be before midnight, immediately after or even in the morning, is not specified.

    Traditional divination

    There are a number of divinations that have long been passed down from generation to generation, and today, in 2023, they are still relevant.

    Divination by candle wax

    You will need:

    • 2 candles;
    • tablespoon;
    • a bowl of cold water.

    One candle is set on fire, and wax is cut into a tablespoon from the second. When the candle flares up well, you need to bring a spoon with wax to it. While the wax is warming up, you need to think intently about what you would like in the coming year, about your plans, dreams and hopes.

    When the wax is completely melted and absorbs all the energy of your hopes, sharply pour it into a bowl of cold water. The wax will quickly harden, taking shape, according to which the result of divination is interpreted:

    • Church - for the wedding;
    • Mountain - difficulties await you that will need to be overcome;
    • Male figure - to a new admirer (lover);
    • Female figure - to the appearance of a rival;
    • Child - to replenish the family;
    • Weapons - to quarrels and scandals;
    • Box - to a pleasant surprise;
    • Heart - to love and happiness;
    • Transport - to travel;
    • Apple - to temptations;
    • Drop - to tears;
    • Horseshoe - good luck, successful resolution of any issues;
    • Waves - to a storm of emotions and feelings;
    • Snowman - to soon cool your feelings;
    • The key is to have no secrets in your family;
    • A figure of 2 halves - to divorce, breakup;
    • Shapeless figure - uncertainty awaits you.

    Divination by card suits

    Cards - the oldest and most populartool for divination for the future. If you have never done this before, New Year 2023 is a great time to try this divination option. It is worth noting that you can find out the future from the cards not only alone, but also in a company. It's even more fun.

    The only thing you need is a new deck of cards and a good mood.

    The deck is shuffled and a card is de alt to everyone. The cards are revealed in random order and the result is interpreted:

    • "6" - journey, road;
    • "7" - new meetings, interesting acquaintances;
    • "8" - interesting news, important information;
    • "9" - love awaits you;
    • "10" - new desires, goals, hobbies will appear;
    • "jack" - in 2023 you are in for trouble;
    • "lady" - the woman in your life;
    • "king" is the man in your life;
    • "ace" - focus on home and family.

    You should also pay attention to the suit of the dropped card - it sets the main direction and says what will be in the center of your attention in 2023:

    • Worms - love, romance, feelings, passion.
    • Tambourine - money, financial matters, business.
    • Cross - work, employees, new projects.
    • Peaks - negative, difficulties, trials.

    Divination for the betrothed

    Young girls most of all waited for the New Year to tell fortunes for the groom, and in 2023 such fortune-telling can also be organized by following simple and well-known rules.

    Divination with a mirror

    For the ritual you will need:

    • mirror in an empty room;
    • candles;
    • water decanter.

    According to the rules, a girl must be alone in an empty room, otherwise her betrothed will not appear.

    It is necessary to put a decanter in front of the mirror, and 2 candles on the sides of it. Next, you need to say "Narrowed, mummers, come to dinner with me," peering into the mirror. It is believed that before the narrowed mirror appears, it will be covered with haze. Having examined the features, it is imperative to drive the image away by saying loudly “Church this place!”

    Divination with a mirror and spruce branches

    For the ritual you will need:

    • medium oval mirror;
    • a few spruce or pine branches.

    Shortly before midnight, write the name of the betrothed on the mirror and hide the mirror under the bed, spreading spruce branches around. When you wake up in the morning, look at the mirror. If the inscription has disappeared - to be a wedding, if it remains - you will not see marriage in the coming year.

    Fortune telling on the ring

    To find out the name of the betrothed, there are special New Year's fortune-telling - we propose for 2023 to try such a simple but proven option for years. You will need:

    • a ring that you wear (preferably without stones);
    • thread;
    • sheet of paper with the alphabet written in a circle;
    • candle.

    Light the candle and put the ring on the saucer around the candle. Let the candle burn out, while saying, “My betrothed himself wanders around the world, looking for a ring, no waycan’t find it, looks at the ground, remembers his name and tells me. What is your name, my mummer betrothed?”

    When the candle burns out, the ring is lifted by the thread and held over a sheet of paper, repeating the same words. The ring will deflect and point to the letters. You need to be careful and catch every movement of the ring.

    Divination with a nutshell

    You will need:

    • basin of water (preferably with a wide rim);
    • walnut shell;
    • small candle (like a birthday cake);
    • sheets of paper and a pen.

    Different male names are written on pieces of paper and twisted so that the inscription is not visible. Twisted leaves are placed along the rim of the basin. A short candle is fixed in the middle of the shell and let out from the center of the basin, saying: “Where is my constricted mummer, sent to me by heaven, bestowed on me by fate, waiting for a meeting, looking out for me. Let the name of the betrothed be revealed to me, so that I would wait for his beloved one, call him by name. ”

    To which leaf the shell floats, that will be your narrowed one. If the shell turns over, the right guy is not yet next to you. It is worth repeating fortune-telling, but not earlier than in a year.

    Fortune-telling by the first comer

    You can also find out the name of your future husband by asking the first man you meet on New Year's Eve. To do this, a young girl needs to go outside at night and ask the name of the first man she meets.

    Morning divination

    What will bring for the coming year 2023? Divination, rituals can answer this question.which should be done in the morning.

    Divination through luminous windows

    Great divination idea for those who plan to stay up all night. Welcome New Year 2023!

    Exactly at 4 o'clock in the morning you need to go outside and count in your house (or on your street, if it is a private sector) the number of luminous windows.

    • get an even number - 2023 will be a good year;
    • get an odd number - the year will not be accompanied by new beginnings, it is better to wait it out without risking and without planning grandiose events.

    Fortune-telling at the first sound

    Waking up early in the morning on January 1, do not rush to get out of bed - this is a great time for divination for the whole of 2023! Just listen to which sound you hear first:

    • children's laughter - to achieve the intended goal;
    • baby crying - to the likelihood of illness;
    • dog barking - to new good and useful acquaintances;
    • cat meowing - to financial problems (big expenses) in the coming year;
    • women's voice - to gossip at work;
    • man's voice - for a good year with pleasant family chores.

    Fortune telling by 4 ladies

    In the evening before going to bed, take 4 ladies from a new deck of cards. Hold them in your hands, shifting between them and thinking intently about your lover with your eyes closed. Without opening your eyes, place the cards under your pillow.

    In the morning. When you wake up, the first thing to do is reach under your pillow and take out one of the cards. The result is interpreted bylady suits:

    • hearts - love is mutual and your boyfriend may propose this year;
    • tambourine - the guy is currently focused on money (it is possible that he is trying to earn money in order to organize a wedding, but not a fact);
    • club - the guy who is now nearby, not your future husband … expect new acquaintances;
    • peaks - the year will not be very successful in love, a break, betrayal, misunderstanding is possible.


    Choose the fortune-telling you like and try to implement it on New Year's Eve 2023, but remember that our destiny is influenced not only by what is destined for us, but also by what we ourselves predict, especially if we put divination too high hopes. In other words, even a negative result does not mean that everything will be bad if you yourself do not "add fuel to the fire." As well as an encouraging long-awaited answer during fortune-telling is not yet a guarantee of an early marriage or great luck.

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