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New Year is a magical time for both children and adults, because everyone loves to receive gifts - regardless of age and profession. Someone prefers practical presents, someone such that the soul rejoices, and someone likes the financial equivalent of attention. However, any New Year's gift requires colorful and bright packaging. Otherwise, what is the atmosphere of the holiday?

Modern styles in Christmas wrapping

You can wrap a gift both in the store and at home. In this case, it is not necessary to have special skills. This is especially true if there are a lot of presents: it is much more economical to purchase a roll of wrapping paper and ribbon to decorate them beautifully for all family members and friends.

This allows you to fully show your creativity and imagination.

Red, green, gold and silver colors remain relevant for New Year's gift wrapping. But don't just stop at them. The color can be any, if the ornament contains the symbols of the New Year.

Creative Eco-style packaging made from simple craft paper and even newspapers looks very interesting. chiefan element of such a composition is decoration. It can be an unusual bow, coarse burlap, linen ribbon or natural materials.

Spruce or pine branches, cones, simple twine, branches with berries can be used as decorative elements.

Cell or stripe are also relevant. The decor in Retro style looks very unusual, it gives the gift a touch of solidity.

Here are Shabby Chic ideas. Pastel colors and soft forms are used here.

Artificial materials can be used for decoration, they can be purchased at the florist shop. These are artificial berries, Christmas trees, flowers and branches.

Scrapbooking materials are also useful - you can use paper cutouts and stamps with New Year symbols.

Any creative materials are suitable for wrapping a New Year's gift. Buttons and pom-poms look very interesting.

Sweets lovers will love the candy gift.

Christmas balls are suitable not only for the Christmas tree. They can be the highlight of your gift and it will notwill go unnoticed.

Sequins, glitter, colored paper, lace, ribbons and simple twine can all make for a magical design with a little imagination!

You can decorate a gift and sign it by hanging a cute label on it. You can make them yourself by downloading the patterns below. Or print the templates on a color or black and white printer.

How to pack a gift yourself? Several workshops

After you decide on the materials and decor, you can proceed directly to the process. To do this, you will also need double-sided adhesive tape or a glue gun and scissors. Regular box-shaped packaging is made as shown in the photo and video.

And here is a beautifully decorated jar for New Year's sweets.

We hope that our ideas and advice will be useful to you in your work and creating a New Year's mood for your loved ones!

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