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Candy Topiary is a wonderful hybrid of a plant and sweets. This is a bouquet of flowers made of sweets or a wonderful tree! The product itself is beautiful and original, but still contains a deep inner meaning.


  • The secret meaning of the candy tree.
  • Master class on making New Year's topiary.
  • Photo ideas for creativity.

Secret Meanings of the New Year Candy gift

Why and why do we give gifts? On the one hand, in order to make a person happy, to caress him with his attention, on the other hand, to wish well-being, a good life. The idea of the New Year's Topiary is that these wishes are embodied in a material product, and not in words. Everything is important in its production. Every element matters.

The form itself is a bouquet, a flower or a tree, respectively: happiness, love or we alth (remember the money tree?). And the filling is the polishing of the elements.

  • Chocolate is an extraordinary delight from possession, enjoyment.
  • Caramel - action and development, harmonious, unhindered achievement.
  • Lollipops - successful goal setting.

Any candy that you use in a topiary is equal in meaning to a beautiful phrase, a wish! But the main thing is that such an elegant gift cannot hurt or offend, as in other words. In the New Year period, such presents are especially relevant.

Making New Year's Topiary

You will need:

  • candy;
  • foam;
  • penknife and scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • colored rope;
  • wire, cable with a diameter of 0.5-1 cm;
  • decorative elements (beautiful paper, beads, ribbons, rhinestones, cones, Christmas balls)

Prepare the tourniquet by wrapping a tape around the cable (we fix the edges of the tape with a gun).

Tie a bell to the wire and wrap it with decorative paper or ribbon, not forgetting to fix it.

Glue a rope to a pre-prepared foam cone along the bottom edge (you can use sisal or synthetic fiber).

Wrap the rope tightly around the base, periodically fixing it with glue.

Insert a wire with a bell on top of the cone. Continue winding the topiary all the way to the bell. Fix the rope near him with a gun.

Insert the previously prepared cable into the bottom of the topiary and glue the candies.

Here, already beauty!

Stand forNew Year's decorations we will also make their foam. We decorate it with paper, textile and plastic ribbons, cones, balls, and flowers.

The final touch - we fix the New Year's topiary on a stand.

Adding more decorative elements!

Done! Sweet beauty, made by hand, will serve as a worthy decoration of the New Year's table or a present for loved ones.

Photo of Christmas topiary with sweets

Below - beautiful photos for your inspiration! Enjoy your creativity and happy holidays!

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