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Hello True Magicians (and if you're into Simoron, you are). We are excited to share our Christmas magic with you! The night of the outgoing year is a magical time in itself, and if you combine it with the Simoron ritual …. Here, no luck can escape us. So here we go…

How to Simoron on New Year's Eve?

It's no secret that usually on December 31st people go to the bathhouse… or shower, or bath, or sauna. In general, wash away the old year. So, you need to swim there correctly, and not just like that.

When you get under the water, lather up the washcloth. Remember everything that was bad last year - failures, misses, he alth problems, financial difficulties … (but do not indulge in this process for too long, our task is only to identify them, and not to become discouraged). After that, rub the body with a washcloth and say (to yourself or out loud):

I wash away all failures, problems, I leave my body clean.

You can not say anything, but just imagine how all last year's “dirt” is washed off your body under the pressure of a hard washcloth and soap. It is important to wash the whole body, not to forget anything. Then we pour ourselves with clean water and exit the shower.

Now the second part. It will seem most interestingwomen and girls.

Take your favorite body milk or cream. Think about what good should come into your life next year? Money, luck, relationships? Feel free to make a wish! And now, slowly apply milk to the body, imagining how all the good things that you presented with this product are absorbed into the skin, then into the bloodstream, and then into the heart. And your whole body becomes like a sponge saturated with the hidden. We guarantee that the feeling after such a New Year's ritual is just super!

Men can simply rub themselves with a towel, imagining how they disperse blood through the body and “rub” what they want.

This New Year's Simoron will not only help wash away the problems of the outgoing year and cleanse yourself for the next one, but also get rid of negative beliefs. Even the most persistent and long-held beliefs cannot withstand even 10 such washes. Yes, and in general, you should not wait for the New Year, every trip to the shower can be used for magic, to your advantage!

Will you use New Year's Eve magic?

    • Yes, this chance only comes once a year!
    • No, I won't: there is no magic.
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