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Christmas Ekibana is another way to decorate your home and create a festive mood. Fresh flowers and natural materials will create a unique aroma and comfort in your home. What materials and symbols to use in New Year's floristry, what will be the symbol of the year and bring good luck to you? And most importantly - how to create such a masterpiece with your own hands? Let's take a look.

Combination of colors and shades

Classic Christmas colors are:

  • rich red;
  • green;
  • gold;
  • silver;
  • white;
  • bright blue.

If moreover, silver, white and gold are complementary colors - that is, they complement some primary color. For example, red and gold, blue and silver. Choose one main color to play a leading role in the composition, include one additional bright shade and dilute the ekibana with silver, white or gold.

Materials used

In festive winter floristry, not only flowers are used, but also other natural materials - cones, spruce and pine branches, cinnamon sticks, dried fruitsand berries. From artificial ones, bows, ribbons, sweets, Christmas balls will well complement the image. Candles often become the center of the New Year Ekibana. A bouquet with candles will not only decorate the house, but also create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

Washed baskets, large Christmas balls, glass vases, boxes with New Year's symbols are used to decorate port flowers.

Master class on creating New Year's Ekibana

To create this floral arrangement, we use the following tools and materials.

  • wicker basket;
  • floral sponge;
  • wire;
  • red roses,
  • leaves;
  • spruce branches, berries;
  • dried oranges and apples;
  • christmas balls;
  • scissors.

Put the floral foam into the basket and moisten it with water.

Decorate with spruce branches in a circle.

Add leaves and branches with berries to the ekibana.

Carefully insert roses.

Add dried fruits on wire.

Instead of roses, you can insert balls.

New Year Ekibana is ready! Do not be afraid of floristic experiments, create, try! Happy New Year!

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