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Not a single New Year is complete without a Christmas tree, it, as a symbol of the holiday, is its center and decoration. Let's try to make a Christmas tree out of paper. Quilling is a special kind of creativity - paper rolling. At first glance, it seems difficult, but in fact it requires only perseverance and concentration. Quilling is used to decorate various handicrafts - postcards, gift wrapping, Christmas decorations, etc. For this type of creativity you will need:

  • colored paper (it is better to buy ready-made strips for quilling);
  • sharp scissors with small tips;
  • glue (thick PVA, glue stick or even glue gun);
  • various decorative elements (beads, sequins, ribbons, etc.).

Let's start with the simplest - a flat Christmas tree.

Flat quilling tree

First, you need to carefully evenly cut one edge of the strip of paper. Then roll it into rolls with a toothpick and glue it. “Fluff” the paper ends, and then collect the Christmas tree on the card. It remains only to decorate it with beads and bows.

If the rolls of paper are loosely twisted and shaped, they will turn out like this greenbeauties.

Do not forget about decorative elements - beads (which act as Christmas balls) and artificial snow and sparkles.

After assembly, the product does not have to be glued to the base. Can be sprayed with varnish to fix and hang on the Christmas tree, or set in the center of the New Year's table.

And here is another interesting way. The paper frame of the Christmas tree is filled with rolls of paper. Such a toy can be made using a New Year's cookie mold (as shown in the following photo). The main thing is to glue the parts of the product well and give them enough time to dry.

3D paper Christmas trees

By gluing and assembling flat parts, you can get a voluminous green beauty.

Candlesticks decorated in this way look original and beautiful.

The top of the voluminous Christmas tree can be decorated with a beautiful gilded star - let it shine for joy, attracting good luck and joy to the house!

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