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What is the symbol of snowy winter? Of course, the snowman! Unfortunately, not all areas of our country were lucky with winter precipitation … However, you can give the interior a winter flavor and decorate the Christmas tree by making snowmen from ornamental materials.

We have prepared some interesting workshops for you and your kids.

Sock snowman

Here a piece of white children's leggings is used for the calf, and a hat and jacket are made from a striped sock. The nose and eyes are made of beads. The ends of a piece of leggings need to be tied and stuffed with padding polyester or cotton wool, pulled with a thread to form a calf, and then dress our hero.

Another similar variation but with cute fabric scarves.

Do-it-yourself snowman from old hats

This handsome man is made from two old baby hats, stuffed with padding polyester and decorated with large bright buttons.

From pom-poms

How to make a pom pom

This furry friend is made from two pom-poms that are also easy to make fromthread. Or you can use pom-poms left over from old hats and scarves.

Wooden Button Snowman

Your kid will be happy to paint large wooden buttons with a felt-tip pen. It remains only to tie them with threads and put on a hat made from a finger from an old glove.

From s alt dough

Amazingly cozy and homey snowman! By clicking on the link, you can read about New Year's crafts from s alt dough.


Even little knitters can handle this task. Two circles, connected with a single crochet, the mouth is made of thread, the eyes are buttons.

Cap Snowman

Even ordinary bottle caps can be made into something interesting. Glue a ribbon on the back surface, decorate the hero's neck with a ribbon and a button, draw a muzzle with acrylic paints.

Candlestick snowman from a jar

You will need PVA glue and artificial snow, the nose is made from modeling mass. When the candle is lit, it looks very pretty!

Flower Pot Snowman

Suitable for decorating the windows and courtyard of a private house.

From a balloon

And another unusual manufacturing option - from a ball.

Winter felt man

Felt - light and pleasant materialfor creativity. It does not crumble, it is easy to cut and has colors for every taste. To make a felt snowman, just draw the details of the pattern and cut them out. If thick felt is used, then you can glue the parts together. It is better to make a product made of thin material sewn - from two parts.

Enjoy your creativity and Happy New Year!

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!