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One of the options for legal entry into the territory of the United States of America in 2023 for further employment in the country legally is considered to be participation in the Green Card Lottery.

Short description

Green card (green card) is a card that identifies its owner as a foreign citizen who is and works in the United States officially. Original title - United States Permanent Resident Card.

For many years, the Department of State has been running the Electronic Diversity Visa Program to attract migrants from several countries around the world.

Selection of participants is carried out using a computer system among all applicants who have submitted their data. It is predicted that by 2023 the rules of the competition will not change significantly.

The DV lottery diversification lottery is held annually, almost every citizen who meets a number of requirements and lives in the following geographical regions can become its participant:

    • Asia;
    • Africa;
    • Europe;
    • Oceania;
    • North America;
    • South and Central America, Caribbean.

    Each fiscal (fiscal) year, the US Immigration Service, in accordance with the established procedure, calculates visa quotas for each region separately, which determines the number of potential applications for participation in the draw. The maximum that each country in one of the 6 categories can count on is 7% of the total number of visas provided.


    Online registration for participation in the Green Card draw is usually held in the fall of each year. The duration of the event varies within 4-5 weeks. The final dates for submitting documents are announced closer to the beginning of the program, which must be notified to potential applicants on the official websites of the DV Lottery, the US government and the US Immigration Service. Based on the practice of recent years, you can roughly focus on the month of October-November.

    When planning participation, it is important to take into account the fact that the lottery takes place in advance. For example, the acceptance of applications in the fall of 2023 provides for the announcement of the results of the draw no earlier than May 2023. Entry into the country and obtaining a Green Card in this case will take place no earlier than 2023.

    Similar regulations will be applied to the submission of applications in the fall of 2023, the results of which are expected in the spring-summer of 2024. Immigration to the United States will be scheduled for 2025.


    Other green card options other than the lottery:

    1. legal employment by an American employer according toestablished order;
    2. official marriage to a US citizen;
    3. moving family members to parents or children living in the country, the so-called reunification;
    4. political asylum.

    As the practice of previous years shows, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to become the owner of an identification document. The establishment of visa quotas and the incredible number of participants in the annual draw reduce the chances of winning it to the minimum values.

    Annually, among hundreds of thousands of questionnaires, the system selects up to 55,000 candidates for relocation. In January 2023, US President Joe Biden announced his intention to increase this number to 80,000 winners in the near future.

    Issuing a green card does not make its holder a US citizen. Also, the document does not give the right to vote in elections and restricts certain social and commercial activities. However, a foreigner has many opportunities and rights to start life and work:

    • the possibility of legal stay in the country for an unlimited time, confirmation of immigration status;
    • accessibility of government educational programs;
    • loans for the purchase of goods, cars and housing under an affordable scheme;
    • pension after 10 years of formal employment;
    • the right to obtain (naturalize) US citizenship after 5 years of permanent residence, subject to officially established requirements;
    • entrepreneurship and starting a business.

    In a rowcases, the identity card can be revoked:

    1. departure from the country for a long period (over 6 months);
    2. committing a crime;
    3. criminal or administrative liability.


    There are several basic requirements for applicants:

    1. He alth. The absence of he alth problems, namely obvious mental disorders, drug addiction and the presence of vaccinations according to the vaccination plan for the population, must be confirmed by a comprehensive medical examination in a certified medical institution.
    2. Education. It is mandatory to have a complete secondary or secondary technical education, or work experience in a specific speci alty for at least 2 years in the last 5 years.
    3. No criminal record or prosecution.
    4. Country of birth. The country in which the selection candidate was born must be on the list of countries eligible to participate in the lottery in 2023.

    If a husband or wife enters the lottery, the second spouse and minor children who are under the age of 21 and not yet married, if the main applicant wins, will also receive US residency documents.

    Preparatory stage and warnings

    Due to the great popularity of the Green Card Lottery, cases of deception and fraud against people who want to move to live in the Americas have become more frequent.

    It is worth remembering the main organizational points,to help avoid damage and misconduct by third parties:

    1. Filling out the questionnaire is carried out online on the official website of the department in digital format in English. You can't follow links that have extensions other than gov.
    2. Participation in the program is completely free and does not require any money. Only with a positive result on a visa is it necessary to pay a consular fee at the embassy.
    3. The dates of the DV Lottery, when you can fill out an application, always fall in the fall, at other times editing on the site is impossible. This fact should be taken into account when receiving information about the early start of selection on third-party resources.

    Recommendations for completing the form

    Filling out the selection form will take approximately 30 minutes. If the respondent fails to complete the work during this period of time, then all data will be reset and the site will start loading again.

    The survey is conducted in English, for its successful completion, the program recommends that you familiarize yourself with the step-by-step instructions at

    On the page for the convenience of users there is the possibility of translation into several languages of the world. Among the main fields of the form, the respondent needs to enter information on the following items:

    1. System authentication.
    2. Last name, first name, middle name.
    3. Date of birth in day/month/year format.
    4. Gender(male/female).
    5. City and country of birth.
    6. Eligible State in 2023
    7. Data of a foreign passport.
    8. Photo.
    9. Postal address.
    10. Country of actual residence.
    11. Landline or mobile phone number.
    12. Email.
    13. Education.
    14. Marital status (legal).
    15. Children.

    Special attention should be paid to the preliminary selection of photos of the applicant himself and his family members for uploading to the site. When applying for a Green Card-2023, the user is subject to the same requirements as previously applied:

    • quality image in color, without shadow and retouching;
    • good focus and image clarity;
    • according to the height of the frame, the head should occupy 50-69% of the total area;
    • direct look, facial expression - without undue emotion;
    • no hats or glasses allowed;
    • photo must be no more than 6 months old;
    • white (light) background;
    • Recommended to use JPEG.webp or JPG.webp format;
    • size - 240 kilobytes, resolution - 600600 pixels.

    How to check the result

    After the registration procedure is completed, a message with the username and its unique registration number should appear on the screen. This information should be printed and saved.

    To check the results of the Green Card 2023 draw, you must go to the site to DV Entrant Status Check.

    A negative response to an application means the phrase "Has not been selected". However, it is believed that in the event that one of the winners cannot document their readiness to move, the organizers may return for consideration the previously rejected questionnaires.

    Top reasons for rejection:

    1. Inappropriate photo.
    2. Insufficient solvency.
    3. Lack of documents.
    4. Translation of personal data into English with errors.
    5. He alth status.
    6. Criminal record, entry ban or violations of the law on a previous visit.
    7. Incrimination of deceit.
    8. Fake marriage.

    A positive result is a congratulatory text indicating the citizen's personal data and the number of the winner. In the future, it is expected to pass an interview-interview at the US Embassy. To do this, you must have a package of documents with you according to the list of the organizer.

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