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A man's flight to Mars has been discussed for a long time and repeatedly. In the era of the development of science and technology, such statements are as close as possible to their implementation. In 2023, it is planned to continue space missions of organizations to study the planet on the way to its colonization.

Opportunities and forecasts

2023 is considered the year of the Moon - a number of events are already planned for this time:

    1. Launch of manned Orion for flyby as part of NASA's Artemis 2 program. Rocket type SLS (Space Launch System) will also be used in launches to Mars.
    2. Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle landing to be delivered by hybrid rocket.
    3. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa's "Dear Moon" project. The flight will take place on StarShip from SpaceX.

    However, the study of the "red planet" will not stop, long-term projects to explore the surface of Mars will continue and move to a new level.

    Mars One

    In 2011, a private project started under the leadership of entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp. According to the plan of the organizing company, Mars One and Interplanetary Media Group, the program included a flight, delivery of cargo and components to create a colony-settlement of the team members on the surface of the planet. All stages of installation and installation of equipmentastronauts planned to cover on television.

    In 2013, the recruitment of project participants was announced. According to Mars One, as of September 2013, the number of people registered for the contest was 202,586 people. Among them were representatives of 140 countries of the world. A number of requirements and conditions were put forward for applicants, the main of which the founders of the program called the willingness of the participant to receive a “one-way ticket”. The flight did not include the return of people from Mars to Earth.

    According to the company's plan, the start of the project was approved for April 22, 2023. On this day, it was planned to send the first crew of 4 people for settlement.

    On January 15, 2023, the court declares One Ventures AG bankrupt. Subsequently, a liquidation procedure was carried out, after which the Mars one project was left without sources of funding. As of March 2023, the resumption of the program is not officially known, the subsequent stages of its implementation are not being carried out.

    The ambitious plans and forecasts for the successful completion of the Bas Lasndorp project have been repeatedly criticized by leading experts in the space industry.


    The leading US agency in the field of aeronautics and space research has not stopped working on the study of the planet for several decades.

    One of the main missions of the organization is the Mars-2020 program, whose task is to explore the surface of a celestial body for further analysis of the main directions (for example, traces of the life of living organisms). It also collects data fordetermining the possibility of colonizing Mars for subsequent settlement by people.

    Research and information is produced by the components of the Perseverance rover. To visualize images and record sound, the robot is equipped with cameras and microphones. The discovery of new locations for further study is carried out using a small drone helicopter.

    The rover was launched on July 30, 2023 from Cape Canaveral, and successfully landed on the surface of a celestial body on February 18, 2023. Perseverance is working in the Lake Lake crater. The duration of the mission will be tentatively 1 Martian year, which is equal to 687 days on Earth, until the beginning of 2023.

    Earlier, NASA said that the delivery of people to Mars will be possible by 2025.


    Space company-developer of launch vehicles of the famous businessman and inventor Elon Musk in 2023 will continue to work on the implementation of ambitious plans to explore the "red planet". In 2016, the entrepreneur already announced his desire to realize the possibility of flying to Mars in 2023-2025.

    The launch of StarShip cargo ships, which will not have crews, is scheduled for 2023. In 2024, the company is preparing to send the first mission with people on board.

    After the start of tourist travel on a permanent basis, the projected cost of a round-trip ticket will be approximately $500,000. It is also noted that the price will be lowered to $100,000 later.

    The company is working on a transport system projectinterplanetary space. Its main idea is the construction of a space transport that can move people to create a colony.

    January 2023 was marked by a loud statement by Elon Musk that he is ready to sell his property in order to finance the construction of an autonomous city on Mars. The businessman believes that who and when will fly to the "red planet" is just a matter of time. According to him, it will take about 6 years.


    A program supported by the European Space Agency and the Russian corporation Roscosmos. In 2016, the launch of the interplanetary station (AMS) was completed, in August-September 2023 it is planned to launch the rover itself. It is possible that the launch date could be postponed, as was already done in 2023. After landing in 2023 in Oxia Planum, the planned duration of the installation will be 1 Earth year.

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