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During the Christmas holidays, the traffic load in the capital increases several times, so the work of parking lots and parking places becomes more intense. To reduce the load and meet the needs of all citizens and guests of Moscow in parking areas, temporary rules are being introduced for the New Year holidays of 2023. You should familiarize yourself with them in advance so that your rest and stay in the capital is comfortable.

How much does it cost to park

The cost of parking in the capital has not changed for the past 2 years. The most expensive traditionally remains the purple zone - the central highways of the city. The most expensive period is from 8 to 9 am. The cost is 380 rubles, and from 9 to 8 pm the tariff is reduced to 200 rubles. In the orange zone, parking is cheaper - from 80 to 200 rubles. depending on time and location.

To reduce costs, you can buy a subscription. They are different in terms: monthly or annual.

The experience of paid parking was adopted from other countries, and this experience has really helped to reduce the flow of cars, get people to switch to alternative modes of transport and arrange more comfortable parking areas. In addition, in case of forced paymentdrivers think over the route in more detail, make fewer stops along the way, which ultimately has a positive effect on the traffic of the capital.

On New Year's holidays

Changes on holidays in Moscow are caused by a sharp increase in traffic flow, so for several years in a row the government has officially made parking free during this period, as will be the case in 2023. This applies to dates from January 1 to January 8 and applies to all administrative districts of the city, including the most expensive purple zone.

The exception is parking areas with barriers at the entrances: the rates here will remain the same as usual. To find out the cost, you need to find a price list at the entrance with current prices, scheduled by the hour.

The changed parking pricing regime in Moscow will be maintained throughout the Christmas holidays, including Christmas on January 7, 2023. The return to regular payment will take place from 00:00 on January 9.

All the previous time of January, it will be possible to park near museums, sights, towns and squares where fairs and festivities are held. Many areas will be equipped with recreation areas with street vendors, street food, entertainment, etc.

Motion change

During the New Year holidays in 2023, not only free parking in Moscow will be introduced, but also a change in the traffic pattern. Separate zones will be made pedestrian so that it would be convenient for the flow of people to walk on the squares where New Year's towns, skating rinks, etc. are located and on the approaches to them.

Restriction of movement is planned on the central streets, such as Okhotny Ryad, Mokhovaya, Tverskaya. Drivers should also pay attention to the fact that the entrances to some central streets will be blocked for cars, for example, lanes Gazetny, Nikitsky, Bryusova, Glinishevsky, Leontyevsky, Maly, Gnezdnikovsky.

Free parking

In Moscow, parking will be free not only on the January holidays of 2023, but also on other holidays. These are the dates on which the whole country celebrates public holidays. Defender of the Fatherland Day, March 8, Day, May 1 and 9, National Unity Day also belong to the category of those when it will be possible to park in the capital for free, but not in parking lots with barriers. There, the fee will be charged in the same way as before.

Also, the exception applies to parking lots with increased rates. There will be no free parking on them on Sunday, even on a holiday. They are located on more than 200 streets of the city.

If the holiday falls on a Friday, the next 2 weekends also become free for parking services.


There are categories of citizens who are en titled to benefits regarding parking in Moscow. This is:

    • people with disabilities;
    • veterans;
    • former concentration camp prisoners;
    • persons who participated in the defense of Moscow.

    Privileges also apply to drivers of electric vehicles, rescue and emergency workers, personnel of the military traffic police, police, ambulancesassistance, the FSB and the investigating authorities.

    All of these categories can use parking in Moscow for free all year round, not just on public holidays.

    Where to go

    There are many places in the capital that can be reached by car during the New Year holidays.

    • VDNKh Alley. Here you can visit the skating rink, officially recognized as the largest in the world. Its area is more than 20,000 m2. The nearest parking lots are near the Likhoborsky-2 and Khovansky checkpoints, near pavilions No. 75 and 69.
    • Gorky Park. An unusual version of spruce is always installed here. In 2023, it was a huge tree suspended under the roof of the entrance. In 2023, guests are also promised to surprise with something interesting. A skating rink is being set up in Gorky Park, and you can also visit the Muzeon open-air sculpture park. It is most convenient to get to it from the parking lot on Krymsky Val.
    • Moscow Zoo. A unique place where 8 thousand animals live. During the New Year holidays, guests come on excursions with the opportunity to see the feeding of terrestrial and aquatic inhabitants, etc. The most convenient parking lots for visiting the zoo are on Barrikadnaya, Bolshaya Georgian, Krasnaya Presnya, Bolshaya Tishinskaya streets.

    Currently, Moscow parking lots are designed for approximately 3.5 million spaces. Most of them are located in the central regions, where most Muscovites live. It must be remembered that all free places on the New Year holidays of 2023 may be filled. Guests of the capital often leave their cars in parking lots and check into hotels or hostels. Therefore, it is important to choose in advance alternate options close to where you need to get to.

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