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The New Year holidays of 2023 will affect the work of Sberbank, since in early January the official working hours differ from other months. But this does not mean that customers will be left without quality and timely service. First of all, you can use the services of Internet banking, which is available to everyone around the clock, 7 days a week. But even if the issues that have arisen will have to be resolved only with a personal presence at the department, this can be arranged by first knowing the work schedule of the branches on duty.

Work Schedule

Holidays according to the Labor Code will be January 1-8. This period is called the New Year holidays, and they will make changes to the work of Sberbank in January 2023.

Important! Here is the schedule of work of Sberbank, taking into account the schedule of working hours. It will be finally approved in November 2023, after which the opening hours of the branches will need to be clarified.

Since December 31, 2023 falls on a Saturday, Friday the 30th will not be shortened, as it happens on pre-holiday days. But on December 31, work will be reduced by an hour. In order to conduct banking operations, it is better to schedule an appeal to Sberbank before the lunch break, since in different branches the work schedule after lunchmay vary.

Full return to the standard schedule will occur on Monday, January 9th. Up to this point, in case of urgent questions, it is possible to contact operators via telephone hotlines:

    • for Moscow - 8 (495) 500-55-50;
    • for other regions - 8 (800) 555-55-50.

    Calls to these numbers are free 24/7.

    For legal entities, the hotline numbers are as follows:

    • calls within the country by mobile - 0321 (free);
    • from abroad - +7 495 665-5-777 (paid according to the tariff of the client's mobile operator);
    • calls to landlines - 8 800 5555 777 (free).

    On the phone they will help to solve most of the questions or guide you on the right thing to do.

    Without going through authorization, you can make an Internet call in the SberBusiness app to get a consultation.

    Terminals and ATMs

    Information and payment terminals and ATMs during January 1-8 will operate around the clock, as always. But due to the increased demand for cash withdrawals during this period, one must take into account the possibility that funds may not always be sufficient in individual ATMs.

    Internet banking

    Most transactions can be performed using the 24/7 Internet application installed on a smartphone, or simply online in a browser in the Sberbank-online system. Here any payments are made, online purchases are paid, transfers are made, etc.

    Important! ATDue to the changed work schedule of Sberbank in the first week of January, it is recommended to choose remote online services, and work with cash, visit branches, if possible, to minimize.

    On duty departments

    Duty offices will work in major cities throughout the holidays. To find out their addresses and find the branch closest to you, you need to go to the "Information about the bank" section on the Sberbank website. In this section, select the sub-item "Branches and ATMs". There, from the beginning of December 2023, information on the location and work schedule of such offices in January will be available. Most of them open at 9-00 and close at 20-00, but some operate longer - until 22-00. Two round-the-clock branches accept clients in Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo seven days a week.

    More than 40 on-duty branches are planned to work in Moscow alone, but customers should know that the list of issues that Sberbank managers are able to resolve in January on local holidays is not complete. For those issues that do not fall into this list, you will have to wait for the resumption of the full work schedule of the bank.

    What issues can be resolved in duty branches of Sberbank:

    • blocking and unblocking the card;
    • withdrawal of funds from the deposit;
    • currency exchange;
    • payment of interest on credit accounts;
    • receiving certificates of the state of the account in electronic or paper form.

    Those deposits, the contract for which expires before January 9, will be automatically extended fromthe same interest rate as before. If the client intends to close the deposit, this can be done online.


    The accrual of interest on loans, replenishment of accounts, etc. during the New Year holidays will take place as usual. The credit funds will be written off in accordance with the date specified in the agreement. Clients, as usual, will receive a notification about the upcoming write-off of the loan two days in advance. If the required amount is not on the account, then pen alties will not be imposed by Sberbank until January 9. This will protect those customers who, for some reason, cannot independently deposit money through the terminal or transfer them to their online account.

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