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People born in November (from 15 to 30) are under a sign that is not officially included in the Zodiac. It was only recently known about him. These individuals, who are unreasonably attributed to Scorpions and Sagittarius, have their own characteristics and even a mission. It is because of this that the horoscope of Ophiuchus differs from what fate has in store for Scorpions and Sagittarius.

  • General Directions 2015
  • Love horoscope of Ophiuchus
  • Money predictions
  • He alth in the Year of the Goat
  • Horoscope for Ophiuchus man 2015
  • Horoscope of the Ophiuchus woman

General horoscope for 2015

Already in the first days of the year, energy will begin to boil in the veins of the representatives of this sign. Many will feel the urge to dive into a completely new, unknown project. January 2015 will be a great time when you can get rid of everything that burdens life, from bad habits (or boring work). Some will want to change partners. The stars recommend not giving up impulses. Follow your intuition, it won't let you down.

Ophiuchus 2015 will provide an opportunity to fully realize their true calling. Many of them do not yet suspect what exactly it consists of.Doesn't matter. Everyone will have a chance to understand, and most importantly, to do a truly interesting thing. The stars definitely recommend keeping your eyes wide open. There are many promising "cases" ahead. For everyone, they will be their own, special, iconic.

Only at the beginning of spring, do not particularly strive to plunge into business. This period will be filled with mirages and deceptions. Therefore, a new one should be started in winter or postponed until summer. Although, listen more to intuition, it will tell you how to act. In early autumn, it is recommended to retire and relax. In 2015, it would be good to go to distant countries, adhering to the east direction from the place where they live permanently.

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Financial and business horoscope

Fortunately, there are no problems with money. The income will not be very large, but constant. Ophiuchus usually don't focus too much on finances. This helps, often, to survive "difficult times." It will be the same in 2015. Some tension for this sign is "planned" for the spring. Perhaps not everyone will be able to avoid the temptations that this period will throw.

Stars do not recommend changing jobs at this time. Yes, and with investments, you must be patient until the summer, or make them in the winter. Spring for representatives of this sign is a time of deception. No matter how promising the project may seem, it should be remembered that it will not bring dividends, only losses and disappointments. At this time, it is better to getnew knowledge (study). There will be much more sense.

But career changes should be carried out in January - February. Firstly, you will want changes, and secondly, there will be very good proposals. The point is that people will be "led" to their calling. Don't resist, follow your desires. Everything will work out!

He alth Horoscope of Ophiuchus for the Year of the Goat

Ophiuchus is not particularly inclined to "rush around" with their sores. This position needs to be corrected. The beginning of the year is important to you. At this time (before Christmas) you will receive energy for the whole year (and some, not for one). Therefore, you should not allow diseases or exacerbations during this period. It is especially recommended to give up alcohol on holidays. May the New Year be held under the symbol of "sobriety". Such asceticism will pay off with interest.

For those who already have chronic diseases, it is better to take preventive measures in the spring. If an operation is necessary, then it should be planned for the beginning of autumn, not earlier. Those who do not have any diseases should be considered lucky. In extreme cases, they face a slight temperature and a runny nose. It is also necessary to carefully monitor the he alth of the oral cavity. She (as well as her teeth) is weak. Be sure to visit the dentist.

Ophiuchus love horoscope for 2015

Representatives of this sign, as a rule, are lucky in their personal lives. They tend to fall in love immediately and "for life." Those who have such an event already behind can be envied. Married will enjoy family life, the way is notcloudless but stable. Those who do not yet have a ring on their finger are advised to try it on as soon as possible. April or October days are suitable for marriage. But, try not to delay with the offer (or its reception). There will be no possibility to return the lost destiny. Remember this!

People who are single are encouraged to communicate more. Just do not rely on your opinion in early spring. Mirages will be waiting for you in your personal life. What seems like a fairy tale can actually be a terrible mistake. A relationship that began in March will most likely not lead you to happiness. Keep in mind that pushing a "not your" partner will be almost impossible. Pity for him and a sense of responsibility will not allow this to be done. So you can remain a deeply lonely person for life, formally having a partner.

Your best time to pay attention to new people is early in the year or early fall. These two periods are favorable in order to radically change your position. Yes, and the people around you at this time will be the most prosperous, faithful, fair, loving. For lonely people, the stars promise the brightest moments of life with the person who is still perceived by them as a comrade. There is a chance that the one whom the soul is looking for among billions of people has been around for a long time. You just haven't noticed it yet.

In general, Ophiuchus is perhaps the happiest in terms of personal happiness, personality. Their stars are reserved for higher tasks. Therefore, they “let down” the right person at the right time. Everything happens by itself. So it will be with those who have not yet found their soul mate in 2015year. You yourself will be amazed at how easily and quickly a period filled with deep, joyful experiences begins.

Tips for Male Ophiuchus

These people should pay more attention to business. Male Ophiuchus will not be lazy or relaxed this year. There is a huge, exciting work ahead, we can say that there is a chance to start "the work of a lifetime." Try not to lose or miss it. Everything will depend only on you. It happens that you went out to the store for bread, and fell on a person who will offer the job that you have been dreaming of for a long time. Recommendations of the stars: do not shift even the most everyday and dreary duties onto other people's shoulders this year. The chance may pop up from a corner you don't even think about, don't suspect.

Being passionate about your work, there is a risk of completely abandoning your beloved. This is bad. You cannot have another "second half". So try not to push away the one without which you don’t want to solve the “problems of the world”, the purpose of life will be completely “lost”. The best thing you can do is involve her in your project. Share your thoughts and worries, worries and hopes. A common cause will make you inseparable.

Horoscope for Ophiuchus woman

Wise from birth lady stars, or rather their advice, are not particularly needed. However, the luminaries decided to share their thoughts. They say that female Ophiuchus in 2015 are advised to carefully monitor their appearance. Try to make yourself bright and attractive, respectively personalideas about beauty. So you will attract someone without whom life is empty. Wisdom and warmth of the soul, of course, are more appreciated by men, but they “peck” then they look!

Work will not be particularly exciting or stressful. Many ladies will be surprised to find that others and colleagues appreciate them much more than they expected. Such a pleasant "discovery" will be followed by a very specific and realistic proposal, which should not be refused. Some representatives tend to underestimate their own abilities. Rest assured, the authorities have already considered and evaluated them for a long time. Be sure to agree to take a more suitable seat for you.

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