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New Year and Christmas decorates the whole city with bright lights and large fir trees. We ourselves try to give our own home a festive mood. Moreover, not only the living room and kitchen are decorated, but also more intimate areas, for example, the bedroom.

This room is designed primarily for relaxation and night sleep. Therefore, we will decorate the room based on the main criterion: it should be comfortable to stay in the room for a long time.

Avoid very bright lights. A garland is a traditional decoration in the New Year's interior, however, it is advisable to use small light bulbs with a constant glow. They are easy to turn off at night and turn on in the morning.

Often the canopy and the ceiling are decorated with garlands. It really changes the room beyond recognition, it looks very unusual and beautiful. And yet, be prepared to abandon this design in a few days. Otherwise, there will be nowhere in the house to hide from the holiday.

Turn on the romance. Illumination is perfect for a nursery, and a few candles will warm the bedroom of adults with its light. Put thick massive candles onwindow sill or shelves. This will give the room a touch of romance. You can turn on quiet relaxing music and spend some unforgettable evenings in the arms of your loved one.

Use bright splashes of color. Red, green and white are the colors that symbolize the winter holidays. Add them with textiles.

Spreads, new pillows or curtains. You can make wreaths of fir branches with your own hands by wrapping them with satin colored ribbons. Hang a traditional European decoration - New Year's boots - over a radiator or fireplace. It is believed that Santa Claus comes down the chimney to put a gift in each sock. You can sew this symbolic pocket out of fabric for each household and put a souvenir there.

Use spruce analogs. A small coniferous plant will perfectly fit into the interior. It can be a miniature pine, fir and thuja. Decorate a pot with it with cones, glass toys or a composition of family photos.

Decorate the interior. If the bedroom has two beds, then symmetrically place decorative panels around. On the substrate of such work, placecomposition of cones, candles, figurines and nuts. If there is only one bed, then install a festive panel at the edge of the bed, on a coffee table pushed close.

Decorate windows with appliqués and snowflakes. On glass, you can paint with special paints or ordinary gouache. Choose a composition that is successful from a color point of view and transfer it to the windows. Choose the motive that is closer to you. It can be ordinary frosty patterns, Christmas stories or Russian Santa Claus. Have the children draw. If something doesn't work, it's easy to fix. They can draw their dreams, which have not yet come true this year. And parents love to look at the windows, decorated with children, falling asleep.

Feel the magic of fragrances. If both spouses love the same scents, place scented sachets, diffusers, or just dry flower petals in the room.

Make your bedroom truly beautiful and cozy! New Year is a great occasion to change the interior.

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