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Even if the kid diligently wrote and executed a letter to Santa Claus, he will sooner or later guess that mom and dad were involved in the appearance of gifts. Grown-up children already know that Santa Claus is fictional and parents give gifts. Often, curious children begin to conduct “archaeological” excavations in the house in the hope of finding a surprise hidden by their parents. So where can you hide your Christmas gifts so the kids can't find them?

Storage room, loggia, garage

First of all, you need to hide the gift as high as possible. If the purchased item does not deteriorate in places such as a pantry, garage or loggia, then you can hide it there. But one should not lose vigilance. The child may notice the bright packaging at the moment when you get sugar from the pantry or drive the car. Places such as garages and loggias are not suitable for surprises that require positive temperatures for storage, because on the eve of the holiday there can be severe frosts.

Mezzanines, upper cabinet shelves

The ideal solution is to find a box of appliances, shoes or an opaque bag that the baby has already seen. You can put a children's gift in this container and put it on the upper shelves or mezzanines. But be awaredetective kids are able to build a tower of Babel out of chairs if they suspect a toy is hidden upstairs.

Lockable cabinets

If the child is not big enough, then a closed closet may not arouse suspicion. With older children, the situation is more complicated, since the child will simply begin to pester questions about the contents of the closed box.

Neighbours, friends, parents

Great idea to hide a gift from the neighbors. The main thing is that they do not have small children who are able to find a surprise prepared for your child. Grandmother can also help in conservation, but only if before the New Year the grandson or granddaughter does not come to visit her or is under constant supervision. Your friends can also guard the present if their kids have grown up a long time ago or they don’t exist at all. But keep in mind, friends can forget about the thing you left behind and leave just before the holiday.

Keep at work

Most moms and dads do just that - keep gifts at work. A significant disadvantage of this method is that often two or three days before the New Year, they no longer go to work. After all, you need to bring a surprise home. If you have the keys to the premises, there are no problems with the ability to go to work on the weekend, then feel free to keep it at your workplace.

You can try to hide a present from the ubiquitous baby under the bed, under the bathtub and even in the trunk of a car.

What to do if the child still found a surprise?

Your child has been dreaming about an interactive robot for many months and even asked Santa Claus for it in a letter. And then it turns out that the baby found his surprise, which was so carefully hidden.

Don't yell or punish the child. Tell him that Santa Claus has a lot of children and that in order to be in time for everyone, he brings gifts in advance, and his parents help to present him. Offer to put the gift back and take it out on New Year's Day. Also buy some inexpensive toy that you give with this gift.

What if the child is at the age when he knows that gifts are given by moms and dads, and not Santa Claus? Calmly explain to him that purposefully looking for gifts is not good. Tell him that he ruined his surprise with his find. Return the gift to its place, while saying that he will not receive another gift for the New Year.

It doesn't matter who brings gifts - Santa Claus or parents. A child at any age should believe that the New Year is a time of magic when all wishes and dreams come true.

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