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Many people start preparing the New Year's table two or three weeks before the holiday. In order to avoid the hype and crowding in stores, some people buy shelf-stable foods and alcoholic drinks in mid-December. A day before the New Year, experienced housewives boil vegetables and make a list of dishes.

During the year we conducted a survey, and, as a result, we ranked the traditional holiday dishes of Russians and compiled a New Year's menu.

1. Olivier salad

For decades, this salad has not lost its leading position. People even formed an association: if Olivier is on the table, it means it's the New Year. There are so many recipes for this salad, and in every family it is delicious and unique. Olivier takes center stage on the table.

2. Red caviar

It's hard to imagine Russians celebrating the New Year without red caviar sandwiches. In addition, the alternation of sandwiches with caviar and sliced red fish is popular. And those who do not want to bother with spreading sandwiches have made their work easier with the help of their favorite rolls with red caviar.

3. Herring under a fur coat

Third place can safely be given to this noble dish in the Russian New Year's menu. Putting just a herring sprinkled with green onions on the table is a good option for an appetizer. But, a herring under a fur coat is two in one: both an appetizer and a salad.

4. Tangerines

These citrus fruits are loved by everyone: both children and adults. The rich aroma of mandarin is always associated with the Christmas tree and the New Year. A vase with tangerines is certainly put on the table. And to make the Christmas tree smell of your favorite fruit for a longer time, they make excellent crafts from the peel of a tangerine, which are placed under the Christmas tree or hung on branches.

5. Champagne

New Year is impossible without the clinking of glasses with fizzy drink to the sound of chimes. Men who drink exclusively cognac, whiskey or vodka for the holidays will still raise a glass of sparkling wine in honor of the New Year 2023.

6. Salad with crab meat or chopsticks

Fifth place is confidently occupied by a salad of crab sticks. This dish has become festive relatively recently, but has already gained a foothold in the New Year's menu. Quick and filling, this salad makes an appearance at the holiday feast every year.

7. Stuffed Eggs

New Year's table is not only salads and alcoholic drinks. Snacks are sometimes the highlight of any table, especially New Year's. So, stuffed eggs are considered an obligatory snack on the New Year's table. Each family has its own filling: some mix crushed yolk with pate, others withfinely chopped herring, others with mayonnaise, and the top is covered with red caviar.

8. Aspic

This dish is gradually leaving the rating due to the appearance of European and Asian dishes in our menu. But, many people cook jelly according to their grandmother's recipe for every holiday, especially the New Year.

9. Mushroom snacks

Russians, more than anyone else, love to go picking mushrooms in autumn, the harvest of which is s alted, pickled and dried. On the New Year's table, many snacks are prepared from hand-picked mushrooms. The most popular snacks are: marinated mushrooms and mushrooms fried with onions, as well as mushroom salads.

10. Hot meat or poultry dishes

No celebration is complete without "hot". The most common hot dishes and snacks on the New Year's table in Russia are pork or chicken chops, oven-baked duck or chicken, and baked potatoes with meat, mushrooms and spices.

Dishes not included in the top ten were presented: cheese, sausage and meat appetizers, other salads, olives, mashed potatoes, compote (from blanks), and a variety of alcoholic drinks.

Of course, in every family, the rating of dishes is presented in its own way, but almost all of the listed dishes are certainly present in the Russian New Year's menu. What are you cooking for the New Year holidays?

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