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With age, sometimes there is an irresistible desire to remember your childhood, to feel some nostalgia for the times of the USSR. For some reason, the New Year in the Soviet style most reminds those over thirty of the times that, despite the scarcity, you remember with rapture of the heart, considering them the best.

Now the tendency to celebrate the New Year in the style of the USSR has increased. More and more I want to decorate the Christmas tree with old Soviet toys. And by all means put cotton wool imitating snow and tangerines under it.

Variety of Christmas decorations

Often, the Christmas tree in Soviet families was dressed up with an abundance of toys and decorations. Clothespin toys deserve special attention, which are very convenient to attach to the middle of the Christmas tree branch. In the form of which only they were not presented: Santa Claus, Snowman, Snow Maiden, candle, matryoshka.

The balls, as now, were of different sizes, but the unique zest was in the balls with round hollows, into which the light of the garlands fell, creating a fabulous illumination throughout the Christmas tree. There were also phosphor-patterned orbs that glowed in the dark.

Because New Yearcomes at midnight, toys in the form of watches were produced. They were given a central place on the tree. Often such Soviet Christmas decorations were hung at the very top, just below the top of the head, which, of course, was decorated with a red star - the main Soviet symbol.

Even Christmas decorations of those times were represented by decorations made of large glass beads and beads. Usually they were hung on the lower or middle branches. Old Soviet toys, especially pre-war ones, are carefully kept and passed from grandmothers to grandchildren.

Icicles, houses, clocks, animals, balls, stars made a unique New Year's composition.

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    There was no such fluffy and voluminous rain as it is now in the days of Soviet socialism. The Christmas tree was decorated with vertical rain and beads. A little later, a horizontal rain appeared, but it was not thick and voluminous. Some voids on the Christmas tree were filled with garlands and sweets.

    The embodiment of the Soviet past in the XXI century

    For a few days you can feel the atmosphere of the Soviet Union with the help of a Christmas tree decorated in retro style. Unique Soviet-era Christmas decorations, decorations and tinsel should be looked for in the bins of our grandmothers or purchased at city flea markets. By the way, auctions are created on the network andonline stores for the sale and exchange of Christmas decorations of the USSR era. Some even collect such toys, many of which are already considered antiques.

    It remains only to decorate the Christmas tree with old Soviet toys, turn on the Irony of Fate and remember your childhood for a second.

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