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It just so happened, the Internet and gadgets burst into our lives and captured it completely. Now, as soon as they open their eyes, many rush to their phones, computers or tablets to check email, social networks, online games.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the trend to celebrate the New Year on the Internet is gradually gaining momentum.

Who spends New Year's Eve online?

Life is able to scatter many in different parts of the planet. Someone is forced to go on a business trip abroad. Others go on winter holidays to the sea or ski resorts. Some live in other countries, far from relatives and friends. Despite the possible difference in time, the New Year can be celebrated on the Internet, seeing your loved ones and relatives, even if virtually. Just imagine, elderly parents, in snowy Russia, celebrate the New Year with their adult children, seeing them, via Skype video call, on the beach in hot Thailand.

Social media fans

Fans of V-Kontakte, Odnoklassniki and other social networks prefer to stay online in order to congratulate their friends from the contact list in the first minutes of the New Year and even give them virtualpresent. And how many new videos appear on youtube, sometimes the most unpredictable ones!

A few words about gamers

Sometimes it seems that fans of online games or, in other words, gamers, you will not meet in real life. Among them, a large number celebrate the New Year right in the game mode, congratulating their allies and even rivals through private messages or audio communications. In addition, wishes can be made purely in-game, for example, increasing the character level, buying a new tank, or a rich harvest in the next farm.

What if an interesting acquaintance?

Regular dating sites and chats will not miss the chance to meet someone. In addition, the occasion for acquaintance is excellent, you don’t need the banal: “Hi, how are you?”. It is enough just to congratulate the person you like on the New Year and wish all the best. Moreover, who knows, maybe it is in the New Year on a dating site that you can meet your Destiny.

Don't forget about shopaholics

In the face of huge competition, online stores have to "keep abreast", inventing new chips to attract customers. My favorite marketing ploy is the maximum discounts on New Year's Eve. Many fashionistas refuse to watch the presidential congratulations in order to purchase branded shoes with a 90% discount. Moreover, with purchases you can get free shipping, gifts, discount cards, gift certificates and many other nice bonuses.

Every year there are fewer and fewer peoplemake a surprised look when it comes to celebrating the New Year online. Probably because it is unusual and even cool for some.

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